In this video, you’ll learn how to answer a question through a demonstration using 2 cards from Wisdom of the Oracle. The 2 cards are New Life and Never Ending Story. An analogy of the 2 pots will demonstrate that it sometimes takes time to adjust to being in a new pot.


Initially there’s a bit of resistance but it’s important to hang in there because the magic does become obvious.


The video also draws attention to the HomePlay PDF which contains an exercise around the synchronicity timeline. This will help you understand your past better and find the beauty in it. You will discover that you’ve already been experiencing your magic but might not have known how to see it. 

A New Beginning Video Summary

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A New Beginning

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A New Beginning lesson progress
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  • Catalina P says:

    I’m so happy I get to revise all these valuable and magical lessons as life continues…

  • Mama’s got a brand new pot!

  • Masako Nagai says:

    Thank you for encouragement.

  • Thank you Spirit for bringing me to this place of Magic, Belonging and in Colette’s beautiful Labyrinth!I could watch your videos like a never ending story! Ha Ha Ha, awesome.

  • Tara Kochie says:

    This is my second journey through OS, the same girl does not cross the same river twice. Spirit has revealed and healed so much inside and out .. new beginning with my new self.

  • Sharon Bech says:

    Perfect cards for me to let go of what I think I know being in OS second time round and allow the new life to begin.

  • Beginner mind is something that always sticks in my mind. When I am getting on my high horse, I really make an effort to bring myself back beginner mode.

  • This is my second time around with Personal Mastery, any tricks to stay in beginner mind so I don’t jump ahead and get the most of my experience here.

  • I love the idea of being in a bigger pot! Thank you.

  • Dedra Cooper says:

    Excited to see how I transform. The bigger pot does feel a little scary, however, ready to grow!

  • So my course is on new being is say september 17th .its lock up on it will it come unlock .wen that time come so learn more about the oracle cards mary

  • This is going to be exciting a second time around. I am ready to climb higher Instead of standing on the ground and looking at what is.

  • Diana Davis says:

    This lesson coincided with what I am working on for my health. I just started learning Yoga.

  • A superb video which I thoroughly enjoyed and yet it felt familiar. I look forward to the next one.

  • Gwen Sorgen says:

    Wonderful video there’s so much to learn hopefully I’ll retain all information.
    I’m so excited to be here as I’ve felt like I’ve been adrift in the vast sea of life lately not sure 🤔 where I’m supposed to be🤷‍♀️So being able to use the tools 🧰properly as in Oracle School to help navigate 🧭 it’s just the medicine I need at this time.

  • I am excited and completely open to see what is to be spoken. I am ready for additional direction and this all resonates

  • “You chose the Magic. And the Magic is waiting for you.” I loved how you explained this! It’s such a comfort to have this framed well to start from this point. xoxo

  • Lila Reed says:

    I have been changing over the last few years. Searching within and without, learning to meditate, clear Charkras and so forth. Nothing has given me more insight than the little I have learned about you and your lessons on the Oracle cards. Everything makes perfect sense to me and I’m delighted to be in this great group! It feels like the cards chosen to date were chosen just for me!

  • Kathy Sexton says:

    Great…I want to quiet my story and embrace a new “I am”

  • So inspiring to me ! Every word you utter Colette in this video is GOLD. Thanks Spirit to have led me to Oracle School at the appropriate time for me !

  • Yes The cards ring true for me Never ending story where I am continuing to reweave occurrences from past again and again. Old ways out. New life in. Thanks for the analogy of pot size helpful

  • Susan Cruz says:

    Yes! So happy to begin with you all. I did experience the outcome of last year’s schooling. Made a big change in my life to feel so much relief. The cards are amazing to watch it work. I am excited for this year.

  • Alicia Ford says:

    Love the new pot, new soil, room to grow. I can see that I have been working on just that but I have to admit some times it feels like my pot is to shinny and new and my confidence isn’t matching yet the magic that I know is possible. Working on a new belief system that I truly embody is in the works.

  • I remember my first couple of weeks last year (round two for me) my “monkey mind” was nattering away. I chose to ignore my skeptical mind and continue on. Beyond excited to be joining again for my second year as “expecting miracles” is kind of a habit now. I was amazed before I was half way through the program last year. Simple, magical and fun!

  • I have waited years to attend Oracle school but good things come to those who wait. I am enjoying every moment.

  • Donna Fenton says:

    I’m so excited to be here and I too feel this new life card is definitely for me as I have been slowly awakening from my spiritual journey. I’m ready to embark on this journey and explore/learn all that I need to know about my true authentic self that has been asleep for all these years.

  • OMG! This is/was my place and my story. Yeah to moving forward.

  • Love the analogy…I do feel like I am in too small of a pot and roost have no where to go. Time for a bigger pot and the magic!

  • Thank you! The example of the potted plant and the warning about the shock of having old limitations disappear are very helpful. I’ve seen myself react as Colette suggests in cases in the past.

  • Lynn Day says:

    Love…”the past is your solid foundation to move beyond.” I am ready!

  • Dee Hayes says:

    Very appropriate for me. i just yesterday re-potted some root plants plants so they are able to expand as I expand. You are a very easy person to listen to. Thank you

  • Thanks for the two cards you pulled for us. They are great as we begin this journey. I pulled Blessed (#22), which is amazing because I believe that is why we are all here and how our lives will unfold. I was unsure whether to sign up for OS this third time and so this was my Aha moment. I’m in the right place at the right time with all the right people !! 🙂

  • Excellent – I just could not find the lesson exercise under transcript…

    • Start at Course Map (on the left), then scroll right through all the videos for Module 1. At the end of those is a link that says Model Lesson and Exercises. Once to get there, click on Exercises (for Synchronicity one) and also click on Home Play.

  • Tim Wright says:

    Really interesting so far. And already feeling the un-easiness part. Lol.

    But I also downloaded the PDF under the transcript bar, and could NOT find any exercise on syncronicity or any exercise.
    Im sure we will find out at some point how. Moving on to other lessons.

    • Start at Course Map (on the left), then scroll right through all the videos for Module 1. At the end of those is a link that says Model Lesson and Exercises. Once to get there, click on Exercises (for Synchronicity one) and also click on Home Play.

    • Tim Wright says:

      Got it.. I thought it was with each course. My bad. Totally found it ! Thanks so much for your help. Love love love this!

  • I’m am overjoyed by the ability to attend Personal Mastery and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Higher Power has been guiding and leading me to this amazing new awakening! 🌹🌟

  • Good Morning Everyone and love this New Life and Never Ending directions with lovely pots which brings love and energy. Thank you

  • I appreciate being re-minded to receive this as a beginner and be in curiosity. 🙂

  • Judy Allan says:

    Good morning Colette and all my fellow students. I am so grateful to be in Oracle School again. (3rd time ). I honestly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t joined Oracle School. I came in as a total skeptic and feeling that cards were not something to get involved with. I am so grateful for what I have learned about myself and the Universe. Thank you so much Colette for helping me to see the magic. Thank you. Thank you.

  • I like the warning about maybe freaking out with the new pot. Hopefully I can adjust. Thank you!

  • Hi! I love the pot analogy! I am already prepared for my new big and wonderful pot!!

    I am sorry! I coudn’t find the PDF download exercise! Help please!

    • I found a pdf in the “Transcript’ section under the actual video but not sure if that’s the one she referred to in the actual video.

    • Trina Weller says:

      If you click on module 1 where it shows you all module 1 videos, scroll to the bottom and it will be there

    • Start at Course Map (on the left), then scroll right through all the videos for Module 1. At the end of those is a link that says Model Lesson and Exercises. Once to get there, click on Exercises (for Synchronicity one) and also click on Home Play.

  • This is my second time through and I love the reminder to have beginner mind.

  • Wow, love the pot analogy! I feel much more comfortable already learning what I could experience the first few weeks of this course!

  • Debbie Baker says:

    I’m hanging on to hanging in!
    Debbie J

  • Denise Wells says:

    oh my, I love the potted plant analogy. My garden is where I find serenity and healing. But this also is a reminder of a collage I made years ago in a women’s treatment program. It was a cocoon that opened into a butterfly and at the heart of it was a seedling (me) growing out of a crack in the cement. So this first video has me with tears in my eyes but a wonderful reminder that I’m where I need to be and that I definitely need and willing to repot!! much love to all

  • Wow! New to all of this. I have bought decks before but never really connected. I so enjoyed the potted plant analogy. This is such a new beginning for me and now know that I keep returning to the same old habits because I am confined by my old pot and am looking forward to learning how to replant myself into my new digs.

  • Suz Zinn says:

    Sitting in the backyard, witnessing this new morning and so grateful for my first day of OS. I am both figuratively and literally moving into the fresh soil and expansion of my ‘new pot’. Already feeling this new Journey’s calling to be in partnership with Spirit through the gateway of Oracle Cards. Thank you!

  • I understand the potted plant analogy. I see myself trying to expand but something’s always drawing me back. I question myself so much then I’m hoping taking this Oracle school will help me. I’m afraid entrusting myself.

  • Oh Colette and all of my fellow OS students, I am so happy to be back for a second time in this magical process. Last year, I opened like a flower and connected with Spirit like I never thought possible. This year I know that the strength of this Connection will lead me to amazing experiences in my life! A new life from the never ending story. I am already gaining insight to all of the lessons that have kept repeating. Everything does happen for a reason.

  • Sherry Hash says:

    I love analogies and sometimes I will try to bring my thinking together when I’m trying to tell myself something. ( yes I talk to myself often) Never did I think of a potted plant. My husband suffered a mini stroke the day after labor day and was just released from the hospital so I have been a little frazzled mentally. I had the Colette meditation app already downloaded from previous free webinars and articles so when you unlocked the other mediations because I’m a new student I got up 5:30am this morning watched the sun come up listening to one of Colette meditations and thinking of golden sunflowers opening in a field and then the very first video is Colette explaining the analogy of a potted plant pressing against the pot because the roots are expanding. I literally got this electric energy that cause my hair to stand up and that’s always been guidance for me knowing I’m where I need to be. So moving forward I will push through even if sometimes I see things about myself I don’t like and need to let go and go within. What a great way to start my first day in Oracle school. Thanks

  • Lynn Priest says:

    Firs thing this morning I grabbed my WOTO cards, shuffle, pray, breathe and pick my card for the day….Round and Round in protection…..After watching lesson 1 I can’t imagine a more perfect card to continue the message of the other two cards that Colette pulled. My first AH-HA moment!!!!!!

  • Potted plant anology, yes.

  • Paula Gregg says:

    Love the potted plant analogy!!

  • Loving all so far. Hope to feel connection more personally with faith and trusting it for myself rather than just for others. The Oracle Cards will be my vehicle for learning and expanding in ways I can’t imagine. Staring life over so perfect timing. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    Wow! A great analogy and very informative. I have recognized I have been on this path for a very long time – decades in fact. I am so excited to be here and know that I was meant to take this course. Thank you.

  • Hi im new here and looking for my Haitian videos that is by her I’m looking for the meditation videos I’m a student here to I’m new can somebody help guide me through this I start now oh and also where they have you can buy the article cards on here

  • I am ready!!

    Catherine Friederich

  • Jackie Hulme says:

    So happy to be here for the 3rd PM! With new eyes 😇

  • Here I am going through the lessons again! I always see something new when I do this. Since Oracle School started in October, I have purchased 4 other decks including Spirit Animals. I love conferring with the Council!!!

  • Magic- definitely. Looking back- sitting in sun 🌞- feeling power of the universe. Drawing energy from positivity and spirit. Attempted to do a different meditation and – yes- sun was the one that would allow a download.🌻🤗🌞

  • i recognize the magick in my past with the new beginning card well. my only other experiences with real magick is with the faerie realm also my only other experience with oracle cards is a healing with faeries deck lol!!!!

    • i am grateful for the faeries and for colette for sychronizing my new experience for me i was waiting for a sign like this to tell me i am home. i am home now!!!

  • Nancy Jensen says:

    I now know 100% that I’m to be here…Colette showed us her turtle…and it looks blue from here…so that to me is a huge huge sign…Blue Turtle always tells me I’m on the right path or to look and see around me… and… I met Blue Turtle at the Omega store in Toronto…which was beyond huge in my life. Xx long story..but.. another time lol

  • Julie Stern says:

    I can’t believe you picked the card “Never Ending Story” I’ve been continually getting that card of late in the 3rd spot and there’s been a bunch of drama so now I understand that I’m bringing up old patterns that i need to move away from. Was confusing because it said “not your story” or something to that effect but in fact it is.

  • About 3weeks ago I purchased a larger pot for a houseplant of mine. Little did I know I would be using it for myself because I haven’t used it yet. I am looking forward to OS for my growth

  • Gaela Allen says:

    Love the pot analogy and wonder why as a gardener I haven’t applied my experience to myself! Talk about overlooking the obvious! Suddenly I feel at ease about being a novice and inexperienced. Thank you, thank you…comfortable now about hanging in there……

  • Love the new pot analogy!

  • Preeti Puri says:

    Where can I find the pdf that contains the exercise. The PDF in the transcript is a summary of the video. I don’t have fb so cannot log into whale house. Thanks.

  • Wow, there were points in this already that are a-has! I especially appreciated hearing that we do not need to know what the cause of the the patterns are, but just that we need to recognize them. I have been spinning around for years wondering the reason, or the ‘lessons’ in certain patterns for me. I’m excited to just be able to get out of them and release the pressure of knowing the whys about them.
    I can also feel myself being triggered and a little resistance is already showing up. I know I am ready and I look forward to expanding and growing 🙂

  • I can constantly see the narrative of my past, cementing me into the same victim stories in new situations! I ask myself how does this keep happening? It’s because it’s what I knew. It’s my current pot. So exciting to have to tools and support to grow. I intuitively knew I wanted to use oracle cards for years and would buy the decks and never learn more about them, would just pick cards randomly. Then this year a couple of months ago I discovered CBR. I am so ready for new roots. I am so ready!

  • I think we have to completely finish the entire module before we can “unlock” the exercises. I see it at the very end of Module 1.

  • It was a couple of years ago that I found the Wisdom of Avalon card deck in a store. I have always been drawn to the legends of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. Well I bought them ( I think my intuition was working) and then the promptly sat unused for a year or two. I was going through a hard time and found them and started trying them out and the cards really spoke to what was happening in my life and how I was responding. That led me to Colette’s website and weekly videos. I bought the Wisdom of the Oracle cards after a few of Colette’s weekly videos and they continue to speak to me and help me make connections to Spirit in ways that I haven’t had since I was a younger child. Thank you!

  • Sometimes we’re forced into a new beginning when we least expect or welcome it but only one way to move and that’s forward. As I’m learning to live in the moment and not worry about what’s going to happen, my life is changing and for the better. This course is something I’ve yearned to learn for a very long time, and now the universe is telling me I’m ready. Cheers to new beginnings!!! 🍸

  • I cannot find the pdf either. Has anyone had any luck locating it?

  • I envisioned taking this class a year ago as part of a existing plan for my future. I also know that this is going to assist me in letting go of some remaining baggage I’ve been toting along with me. This feels amazing!

  • I can”t remeber when I bought this metal wall hanging , and I never hung it up as I want sure where to put it. So i forgot about it. TODAY i came across it. It says “Toadys Is the Day”. how prphetic is that?

  • Wonderful, my awareness was heightened with the comment of how opportunities just fall in our laps and that we are already creating magic, but we do not see it. This resonated within me because I relocated from PA to Myrtle Beach SC due to a job that paid so much more. But now that I am here in SC, I am not sure if this was an opportunity I should have taken, maybe I am having to grow my roots (repotted plant analogy) because of the new beginning. My husband is not adjusting very well and perhaps I am worried about his happiness with the new move. Perhaps my never-ending story is influencing my worriment that is influencing my own transition into this beautiful place I now call home.

  • How appropriate. I have no idea how to live or manage my mom without my Dad who just passed. Maybe I need a new beginning to learn how to do both of those things WELL. HAPPILY. IN A HEALTHY WAY. I am a small disaster brewing and perhaps I need to let go of my never ending story and find a way to make my dad proud. I think my never ending story of the last 6 months is consuming me and keeping me very stuck.

    • Mary Jo Hurley, I’m right there with ya’! We have this together…Like Collette said in the video…more of us together make the changes exponentially stronger. Welcoming the new changes with open minds and new pots!!

  • Kathy Koch says:

    Kathy Koch I have not received the pdf

  • Today at work I was voicing a irritation of never really getting ahead …. and I was thinking – why do I keep coming back to this same story? How appropriate that I came home to work on the first module and Never Ending Story came up!

  • OMG as you start talking about new beginnings, two veeeeery pregnant women sat down next to me.. One on each side! Feeling Awesome!

  • Sacha Thoman says:

    lol so on point I am totally going through this personally and professionally – yes i want my new life and I am so ready for it and to change my story !!!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Loved going into more detail on the 2 oracle cards! BTW the pdf link for the time line is no where to be found.

  • I love this analogy Colette! Does anyone know where the pdf link is?

  • I love the curiosity approach 🙂

  • Ivi Brown says:

    So crazy that you brought up the plant analogy! Just this morning I was talking to my wife about how we need to repot this big plant of ours. The only thing is that the plant is ok with the size of the pot, but it is sickand needs fresh soil with fertilizer. Still, I feel it applies and syncronizes with the oracle journey. I drew “To The Sea” and “Regeneration.” It feels right! I’m so excited!

  • Lisa Bousson says:

    My card for the day is number 32. Here and Now. The first thing comes to mind is the fact that as today is the first full class of module one in Oracle School, I am reminded that from here on out there’s a new beginning. What is in the past, it is in the past. To set aside what I’ve learned in the past, it may be a hard task to look through the eyes as a beginner once again. However, like in any learning experience, we do start as newbies, and I’m looking forward to exploring this new divination tool.

    The doors are open for exploration, I simply must be open to walking through those doors and exploring all the wonderful things that are about to take life.

  • I’ve had a few a-ha moments recently. And really the timing of this course couldn’t be more better. I have been clearing a lot of old stuff (really deep, ancestral layers) since the beginning of the summer. It really all started back before 2012 and many events led me to where I am today. Life really is a magickal journey and I think the 2 cards that were pulled make absolute sense. I especially feel as a collective, we have work to do…but we are going to bring this world back into alignment 🙂

  • Cory Biron says:

    I did not see any exercise in pdf .

  • Connects with great book that just found me in the library. “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. Especially where you speak of exponential growth🌻

  • Hah. My 1st card was Bldg blocks in protection. I initially said ‘ugh’ but after listening to this it helped me better understand that I am the small plant moving to a bigger container – really renovate and upgrade my consciousness. Yep, 2nd card was Chaos & conflict in protection also – My take away was resorting of elements. That is awesome.

  • Today I immediately manifested the energies of a family that started to find all kinds of things I had to do for them today, rather then start to my first class at Oracle School. I asked the WOTO about the energies I was experiencing and I got Regeneration #46 in protective mode. Spot on advice, and the “mirror” was held up to my face.

  • I love that today for my daily WOTO I pulled Never Ending Story. Really nice analogy with repotting a plant. I am so eager to let go of the stories I tell about myself!

  • Lucie says:

    My ah-ha moment this morning is recognizing many old stories that believe I need to be guarded in order not to displease anyone in one way or other. Patterns of not expressing my true self freely is paralyzing, hence why I am setting an intention to be more spontaneous, less controlled as part of my New Life because I want my roots to expand in my bigger pot (love that analogy!) and see what magic I will create for myself!

  • I love the plant story.

  • Ella Walsh says:

    I have pulled both of those cards as well since receiving my deck. Instead of just reading the booklet, I will now be focusing on the images as well and let them “talk to me”.

  • Shane Fruth says:

    ‘Comments’ are turned off in our house to ask a question.

  • I have gotten both those cards recently, I got so much more insight out of Colette’s decription.

  • This path reminds me of the concepts I am learning in dream analysis that my dreams are about myself…this new beginning is also to remind self these first two cards are to help become a more noble self. WOTO will help me repot myself into a new home for self. Can’t wait!

  • when I turned over my deck to look for the New Life card it was right on top!

  • Ael Xander says:

    I was promised a flying pot! Where are all the flying pots? 😘 I have to laugh. I’ve had the hardest of weeks, healthwise, and this course was my saving grace. I had kept the Wisdom of the Oracle deck with me all week at work, at the ER, and home. I’d draw from it whenever I got stressed, whenever I needed a reminder what my goal was. Then a friend said to me, you look happier, brighter. It’s the fact I’ve moved to this bigger pot. I’m ready to step up, step forward. So thank you, Colette and team. You’ve been marvelous to provide us this place.

  • Robyn Boyle says:

    Wow! Yesterday, I posted a pic of my beautiful plant that my sister gave me at Christmas in 2016. I do not have a green thumb at all but I have nurtured and filled this plant with love for the last couple of years and it is beautiful and I said to my sister in needs a new pot to grow more.
    I was stopped in my tracks when I heard you shared your analogy about the plant in the pot. This is so a reflection of me personally over the last couple of years. How I have grown and evolved and ended up here in this amazing space. Thank you Universe xo

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