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A Day Of Magical Recreation

15 minutes daily

Being In The Now

15 minutes daily

Q1 | Where Am I?

15 minutes daily

Rescue Mission

15 minutes daily


15 minutes daily


15 minutes daily

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  • Paula Desai says:

    Practicing the rescue mission with a study buddy was startling. For the first time in a 20 year old issue I found the origin of the problem.

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I can relate to starting a new journey & project; visualizing what it will be like although it is difficult for me to visualize a goal. I see myself helping people, making an income to live comfortably & do what I want but then it stops. I freeze at the thought of who am I going to get as clientele & I stop doing the little steps to get me where I want to be. That’s the repetition that goes around in my head for every endeavor I embark upon. Looking forward to using the InVision process to get me past this block.

    • I live all this mission meditation and sanctuary I love all this it’s so beautiful it just makes a big visual at in my mind that I could paint out right now

  • My Aha moment was when IE your husband is taking to you and you hear your father!

  • Lillie Ruby says:

    This is certainly something I need to work on. I think I spend way too much time in the Land of What If=future.

  • Wish I could make out what is being said in the Being in the now meditation. The music completely drowned out the words so it frustrates me and I can’t finish it. Too bad as I need to be in the now .

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