Beyond Personal

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Beyond Personal

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Taking Care Of Yourself When Reading For Others lesson progress
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  • Such a powerful meditation! Thank you 💗

  • One of the best meditations I have experienced. It gave me closure and disconnect from childhood memories, able to observe, and have tears flow without details. And allowed me to feel the gift of the higher energy of my soul connection, to breathe, expand and know peace. This freedom and new energy will influence my artwork, which I have always wanted to express between world energies. Thank You Colette.

  • This meditation was amazingly powerful for me and provided a different perspective on a few topics.

  • When I moved back away from my current energy story, physical symptoms of gnawing abdominal pain and overwhelming tiredness eased🤗 Thank you for this. It’s funny the colors that I saw were bright yellows, aquas,magenta and dark blue and felt comorting

  • Stacy Ryan says:

    There was a big shift between observing the energy and admiring its beauty, as opposed to being IN the energy. While still beautiful, for me there was also a sense of chaos/lack of focus…and then, seeing the magic carpet still there, reminded me that there is always a way out. That led me to a feeling of peace and calm within the energy.

  • Diana Davis says:

    I felt so distracted while doing the meditation. I will definitely do this meditatin again

  • What a fabulous meditation funny how I don’t recall it from last year maybe I wasn’t ready thank you 🙏

  • Rose Romani says:

    Loved going through this exercise several times as it allowed me to recognize how yucky it was to be”in the story” when I was out of it I felt lighter even more expansive,, when in it my body mostly my throat tightened up, being out of it allowed me to view it without attaching to the story, to become the observer. Thank you, such a different way than gettin on my bird🕊

  • Surprisingly I felt happy and smiley in the energy, it was wobbly and rocky but I was smiling the whole time. No need for fear was my epiphany.

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    Beautiful meditation i actually didnt feel scared facing and mixing with the energy i didnt feel alone tbat was my epiphany x

  • This was the first time I was actually able to be the Obserserver in relation to my children. What a huge difference I felt! Interesting how intertwined our lives are, but still able to understand it’s their journey, not mine. I sure will be doing this meditation quite often!! Thank you.

  • Lisa Bousson says:

    I loved looking down upon my energy, which was as far as the eye could see, moving over and around mountains, shore to shore, and appeared like a multi-colored gasoline flow. When the energy of others mixed with my own, it was like a cream/white lace was placed into my energy, and I was ok watching this phenomenon. However, when I left my “magic carpet” and descended into the mixed energy I became extremely overwhelmed and actually had to leave the meditation.

    Interesting to say the least as this is what I’ve been feeling of late in my personal business. A sense of overwhelm, anxiety, and my heart rate begins to race. I’m presently reducing my workload due to this, but, again, I find it interesting how the meditation brought these feelings into focus.

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