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  • Diana Davis says:

    Glad to listen to what was said about fixing others and not myself. Being told it is me that I have to fix. You are absolutely right, Thank you.

  • Tremendous gratitude to both of you for the clarity of boundaries, transparency in delivering them, and the creation of a safe container. I feel so good being a part of this community–It is truly unlike anything else :).

  • Rose Romani says:

    We are unique and on our own journey that’s why it’s great to be in Shared Wisdom we learn not to fix others but our self first 💖💖💖

  • Love love luuuuv the further clarification of the “how to’s” in sharing stories ~ the pearl, not the grit comes to mind…

  • robin Dana says:

    So happy to see your faces again and excited to start this next level of transformation!!!❤️

  • Reina Ortega says:

    I’m so happy listening to the both of you. Really missed you. Seeing the world differently after Personal Mastery, now I see everything with an attachment to enenergy. Therefore I’m cautious as to what I’ll listen to or read.

  • I too thought I did not need to listen because I have been here before and know what to do. Well, just as others who have already posted, I had numerous aha’s. Thank you Colette and Doug for your sharing of your knowledge.

  • My 1st Ah-ha this evening while watching this. Lovely to hear and see you both again.

  • Nikki Keraus says:

    In the middle of the two of you going over the guidelines for the program I had an epiphany about a story I didn’t even know was a thing. Epiphany, right! This will impact all of my relationships from now on. Thanks for such an amazing learning opportunity!

  • Me to.jump intwo.slow also

  • I just want to thank you both for being bright lights and grounding forces in my world. I appreciate you both more than words can express. I have been in my own little bubble these days and slow to jump into SW, so this video is just what I needed to get back on the horse. 😉 jxx

  • I truly am grateful to you both Doug and Colette as I am re-absorbing your words, suggestions and evidence for successful sharing guidelines. It’s true that Spirit is my Number One Partner, but where would I be without the loving care and guidance of this Council known as Team Colette? Probably living at Hagrid’s. 😉 Looking forward to our time together again ironing out the kinks while having lots of fun in Shared Wisdom, again.

  • Rose Romani says:

    great to listen to the videos, amazing what sinks in more when you hear it a second or third time .
    Love it love it love it!

  • Nadine Moore says:

    Wow! So much more insight gained than just the guidelines. thanks so much guys! ❣

  • Thank you for the clarification. Journal and Share personal mastery 😉

  • Love the MRI… missed that the first time around. Let’s wave a magic wand and within and without follow the MRI guideline!

  • Thanks so much, Colette and Doug for the insights and the refresher. Love your pearls of wisdom! I’m so excited to be diving in for the second time! See you in class. 🙂

  • Interesting!!!! And will look forward to book – The Judgement Detox.
    Thanks for all you create – and Co- create – ❤️

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    You know I thought “oh I’m listening to the rules again for an hour” but I sat and listened & learned so much how everything comes back to you. Thank you Colette & Doug for sharing the rules! You never know where you are going to learn something!

  • Thank you very much Colette and Doug for an awesome video. I am very thankful, grateful and in much gratitude to be taking this wondrous journey with you and everyone else.

  • Thanks for the extra details about sharing. Also the reminder that this is truly about me and what happens outside of me is a reflection of what’s going on within me. My ah ha’s were the MRI remembering to check myself for judgments when I’m triggered. Thank you Doug and Colette!

  • Namaste! I’m excited & inspired to learn more about what makes me tick & how to harness that energy into manifesting the life I truly desire for my highest good. Thanks for all your inspiration & support!

  • Ellen Irvine says:

    So full of joy and love you all. I am so excited to start Shared Wisdom. I am so grateful for you and the opportunity to learn from all of you.
    Many Blessings!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    This is exactly what I wanted to learn more about & it just got me even more excited for SW. You spoke of having the knowledge, then the insight, then integrating it & putting it into practice. Sometimes I feel I don’t know what I’m doing with the knowledge. I get stuck there. Then I loose confidence in helping other people with their reading. I think that is why I have been hesitant to have an Oracle party. I’ve invited people but I haven’t set a day/time. I am jumping up & down! This really gets me going! Can’t wait to dive in! Thank you!

  • Everything shared in his video makes so much sense and it’s application in daily life helps keep things in perspective – our own lane! I love the MRI concept and the avoidance of drama. Thank you both for another inspiring and thought provoking video. Can’t wait for class to begin.

  • 2 things jumped out for me. remembering that we are doing this in a 24 hr. container makes life more manageable. Doug’s MRI example of a lunch date gone south literally hit home with me and gave me a whole new way to look at that event and events to come, INTERESTING! with gratitude to you Colette and to you Doug, Christie

  • Sammi Strow says:

    When you two combine your knowledge and teach it is amazing! I learned a lot from your Sharing Guidelines as they give us a great container to swim in! Thank you Doug and Colette!

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    Absolutely amazing. Ive had so many Ahas and epiphanies watching this live. I love the MRI makes so much sense. Fabulous thanku so much xxx

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