Week 2 Outline: Where Am I? : Exploring the Environments of the Mind

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  • How to move away from the details of your story and distilling it into basic emotions.

  • The role of the Four Emotional Trees in naming your landscape.

  • What it means to access nature‚Äôs drive-in movie.

  • How to feel the freedom to explore your landscape.

  • The easiest way to connect all senses to the IN-Vizion Process.

  • Recognizing how taking flight and becoming neutral gives you choices you never realized before now.

  • Fully experiencing the power of being in the state of curiosity.

  • How to interpret the five elements within your personal landscape.

  • How you can put your trust in a winged creature to get immediate relief.

  • Discover your sanctuary and the ability to come back to it whenever necessary.

  • Connect and harness the power of your personal Talisman.

  • How to move in and out of your landscape.