Week 1 Outline: IN-Vizion : Introduction to the Process

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  • Learn a unique and proprietary technique that can help you make better and more effective decisions about situations in your career, health, well-being, relationships, etc.

  • Master an immediate, accessible strategy that can be used quickly and repeated as often as needed.

  • Easily access a solution for when you are:  Repeating patterns in your life    Feeling stuck and frustratedOverwhelmed by a situation   Not seeing clearly

  • Stop reacting to events based on repeating subconscious stories about your life or experiences. (This is a critical element of why the InVizion® Process can be more effective than traditional analytical therapy!)

  • Become a neutral observer to gain a new perspective and distance from stressful events in your life. It allows you to make better and more effective decisions about challenging situations

  • Understand the brain science that affects our subconscious and unconscious minds and tap into the ability to change programmed behavior.

  • Harness your natural ability to engage in Active Imagination that will give you the benefits of repetition and mindfulness.

  • Connect to the universal archetypes and create space for your unconscious to speak.

  • Use the InVizion® Process to work through Transition Trauma

  • Work through exercises that will bring you to a meditative state of the neutral observer so you are no longer attached to any of your reactive states.