Life in abundance come only through great love. – Elbert Hubbard

Are you ready to train your mind to create great wealth, health and happiness for yourself and for others? Are you ready to take your place as a leader, a visionary, and to be the one who steps forward and shows others how to create their own vision of wealth?

The 6-week, interactive online portion of your Wealth Energetix® program takes a fresh and personal look at your relationship with abundance, balance, and wealth in your life and how you can both remove the obstacles and reveal the hidden pathways on your personal journey to Authentic Prosperity.

The class is designed specifically to create the foundation for you to be the change, be the example, be the living teaching tool, the conscious “influencer” in reality creation. You explore and challenge your patterns, find your own personal unique expression of wealth, and then spread the energy outward.

You will learn to uncover the steps you took by recovering the map of your past, find where you are headed by knowing your present point of vantage, uncover treasure where you stumble, and discover new territories as you create new pathways and navigate unknown roads as they evolve as part of your transformation.

You will learn that the true expression of wealth and prosperity is not the absence of poverty or lack; it is the absence of anxiety. You will know first hand that you can and do create reality from a co-creative partnership with Source. You will come to understand that “Time is Money” is a false, artificial concept. You will have an integrated wisdom of “ Time is Creativity.”

Whether you choose to attend to become an Intuitive Coach® as part of your professional certification training, or on a personal journey of self discovery to initiate and ignite real wondrous changes in your own world, this intensive will impact you and others in ways too numerous to explain.

You have to experience it.

You will recognize that once you begin, what you think you will experience will change and evolve as you do. You can expect that your dreams may be very different after the course than when you began. Or, at the very least, you will recognize the creative aspect of your “Self ” unfolding into and through “self ” that it is a constant state of evolution. Your beliefs about yourself and your definitions will become less rigid, more fluid as you learn to evolve. You must embrace the discomfort as well as the wondrous elements of change.

Intuitive mastery comes through a shift in perception and perspective.
You will learn Colette’s trademarked In-Vizion® Process and how to use it specifically within the realm of wealth and prosperity. In-Vizion® will become the most important tool you have in your coaching toolkit.

The IN-Vizion® Process is a set of right-brain, intuitive exercises designed to shift our perceptions so that it then in turn retrains our subconscious perspective. The IN-Vizion® Process, which is a combination of active imagination, universal archetypes and a deriva- tive of voice dialogue. Based on the premise that our minds are creative and intuitive, as well as logical and rational, Wealth Energetix®, like all of my work, is about using creative, intuitive, right-brain engagement to master our mind.

The power of the IN-Vizion ® Process is that we can, and do, get caught in our stories and then repeat them unconsciously. But if we can imagine our stories as seen through the eyes of a traveler on a map, we can remain open to the invisible paths that are out of reach when we over strategize and plan using logical, left brain methods vs intuitive and creative right brain methods.

In Wealth Energetix®, as in every module, our coaches participate in the module as a case study to clear themselves of the challenges they may or may not be aware of in this area. While participating as your own case study, your depth of how to coach is expanded exponentially.

Throughout this 6 week module, you will have audio classes, homework assignments, meditation downloads, as well as open question and coaching calls. Everyone will have a “Study Buddy” to work with throughout the course. There are PRIVATE Facebook groups set up for Colette to communicate with all the students daily, and you are required to participate. All classes will be recorded and available to you as you wish through the MIC Online Campus.

Join me on this journey. Yes, I will challenge you along the way because I know you are up to the challenge of being a Leader in the New Prosperity.