This video is about how you unlock your magic and partner with the magic that’s already in the Universe and what that concept actually means.
Magic as a metaphor for the vast intelligence that pulses, the life force within every living thing and us.
Imagine that the magic within you is your spiritual force and it goes dormant or is not really used well when it’s led by the human ego.
The soul wants to experience something new. The magic is your soul that wants to experience something new. It needs your human self to integrate and experience things.
We wake it up when we recognize that we always have a link to our source. It’s not separate to us.
When we tune into divine energy it’s like we plug ourselves in to the electricity and the world lights up.
Universal Laws have always operated within the interfacing of the human life and the spirited life.
Spirited Life – the intangible ways that we influence material reality.
Using Oracle Cards as a tracking device for our energy. We are stories in motion and energy in motion.
We start in the Realm of Spirit.
Feel more and more encouraged as partnership with Spirit and Oracle Cards unlock your magic for you to see that you can become something ‘more’, ‘deeper’, ‘profound’. Linking more to your unique, authentic and inspired life.
2-card reading – Q. What more can I share if they were to unlock their magic, partner with the magic that’s around the Universe, understand how that works and create a unique, authentic and inspired life?
1st Card – NEW LIFE – about becoming awake. You’re going to stretch as you wake up.
2nd Card – HAPPY, HAPPY – you get happy as a result.
Going to be stirred up.
Like being removed from a constricted pot, which is your old story, that has defined you until now. You’ve grown out of that pot and aren’t quite sure where to go. It takes time to get used to the new and larger pot.

Unlocking Your Magic

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Unlocking Your Magic

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