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Tarot vs Oracle

Ever wonder what the difference is between tarot cards and Oracle Cards? In this video, I talk about the origins of both tarot cards and Oracle Cards. I also go over the key differences between them and why Oracle Cards are created for the modern mystic!

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  • I have had my deck for a few months. I ask the question, what support will you give me to live my best life. I thought this was an interesting answer.

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Patricia!

      Thank you for sharing the cards you received in answer to what support they will give to live your best life. Really great cards! I love journaling on the message I receive when I begin to work with a deck. If it resonates consider pulling a phrase from the guidebook that stands out and see what shows up as you work with the deck.


      Mary Elizabeth

      Membership Maven

  • After asking the question: What support will you give me to live my best life? I got the following:Tarot: Death reversed – Being forced to make changes, something gets removed or taken away what should have been let go off, loss of a friendshipOracle : Unfinished Symphony – Incomplete lesson, unfinished business, lack of closure….This could be one of two issues. I will have to investigate but there is no denying something needs to end.

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hello Astrid thanks so much for sharing. The Oracle Circle focuses only on Colette decks and teachings as our main area of focus and as we are not versed in other decks we can’t speak to the meanings on those cards. Please do keep sharing your comments and questions on any of the Colette’s decks and cards or the content that is available in the membership site.

      Mary Elizabeth Membership Maven
  • Sharon Lair says:

    Tarot vs Oracle – by Jeanette Peters

    Tarot cards are fixed and will always have the same meaning. Oracle cards change according to the author and theme. What answers did the Tarot vs Oracle cards give you? What support will you give me to live my best life?

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