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Selecting Your Deck

With so many Oracle Card decks to choose from, it’s hard to know how to decide which deck to buy. In this mini-lesson, I give valuable advice on how to choose an Oracle deck that resonates with you. You’ll learn about what to look for when picking, as well as how to be sure you pick a true divination system

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  • If you choose a card and the answer you get, like for instance Unfinished Symphony, and that could relate to more than one situation, would you pull another card to clarify or narrow it down?

    • Hello Astrid I can relate to your question. The bottom line is yes you can most certainly pull another card to help provide additional information. However, to avoid situations like this, Colette does teach us that when we ask the original question that we make sure that we are in a neutral state. The other thing Colette mentions is that we are more precise with what it is we are asking. This way we can rule out multiple situation association with the cards.

      Have you had a chance to watch the video on asking the right question?

      Blessing Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • Hi I just wanting to confirm that my subscription to the oracle circle went through I have received emails to join up and when I go to my home page it still asking me to sign up

  • Can you work with more than one deck every day if you are doing one card spreads asking the same question? Or would that be Oracle abuse? Is it better to work with just one in that case?

    • Great question Catharina, asking your question more then once with a different deck is considered to be oracle abuse. I invite you to try to understand the message of what your card is trying to tell you. Colette talks about us living in 24hr compartments, see what you find in that time frame.

  • Sharon Lair says:

    from Mary Elizabeth Babcock
    What deck are your drawn to and why?

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