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Asking the Right Question

In this mini-lesson learn the best way to ask a question. Should it be just a yes or no question or is there more to it than that? After, continue exploring with your own questions!

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  • Curtis Boyea says:

    Namaste family! You guys may not hear from me much but I’m here just basking in gratitude for being a part of this community the growth, blessings, love and support from this family, although I thought I was going to brake my neck jumping off the edge,but those card’s stood under me beside me in the back of me and in front of me, I’ll asked for my family to be strong hold on have Faith know that you are spirit and you can fly,the best part of that fall is when I handed it was in my gold mine take hart,love always

    • Thanks so much for sharing Curtis. I can relate to your feelings about jumping off the edge and I am so glad I did. Enjoy digging around in here there are a lot of pearls to uncover.

      Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • Have you ever wondered if there is a “correct way” or “wrong way” to ask a question to the oracle cards? In this mini lesson you will learn why open-ended questions are the best way to communicate with the cards and what is the simplest way to ask a question. We invite you to watch this video and share any questions or thoughts you may have about this lesson in this thread.

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