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Apps vs Cards

Is there a difference between using a physical card deck or an app for your card reading? I’m going to talk about that in this mini-lesson!

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  • Sharon Lair says:

    My preference is the application because it’s with me everywhere I go. And I especially like the fact I can “save “ readings and/or Email the reading to my clients or students. Of course I love holding the cards in my hands, but the convenience of the Application is especially appealing.

  • Mary Babcock says:

    In this lesson we learned that Colette’s Oracle Cards come in two forms, the physical deck- you know the one you hold in your hands and shuffle, and the app version for your device.
    We also learned that there is no difference
    as far as accuracy because they are exactly the same! We invite you to share in this thread if you prefer the physical deck, the apps or a combination of both?

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