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New Moon in Sagittarius (Nov 2019)

This video is all about the New Moon in Sagittarius. I share the questions you can use for your own three-card spread to set your intentions for this New Moon.

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  • Thank you Colette. It resonated with me.

    I chose the Goddess Deck for the New Moon drawing. 1. How do I become more joyful in my life? #55 Metis Wisdom Be in my own wisdom. Stand in my wisdom authentically and share it. Be brave in sharing my wisdom with kindness and grace. 2. What do I need to know about how to express myself honestly #45 Shakti Transformation – Now is the perfect time to move into the highest version of yourself. When i open to do things differently, my authentic self shines through. I am supported as i step into my destiny to do so wisely and without guide. I will be amazed at the way my world awakens with breathtaking beauty. 3. How can I express more gratitude in my life? #17 Green Tara Salvation Allow Spirit to be the Salvation in expressing gratitude for all things to co-create & manifest in my life. Be joyful and make a raucous noise to Spirit. Trust that you are always safe & secure and that Spirit has my back.

  • Thank you, Colette – always timely! I read an article that said today’s new moon was the last for 2019. The next new moon is December 26, 2019 and full moon January 10, 2020. There is a solar eclipse during December’s new moon cycle. With that said, your reading empathizes to spend time in quiet reflection, forgive, love and accept ourselves and more importantly forgive others is spot on! Sagittarius asks us “to aim our arrow high in the direction that always supports our highest growth”. I am grateful for you and your teachings – all is well! Namaste, Eva

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Beautifully said Eva. And you’re so right. By the way, the Jan 10th Full Moon is also a Lunar eclipse! 💫

  • Love, love, love! Such divine timing! Thank you Colette! 😍

  • Thank you Colette, we had a family gathering yesterday for my birthday and what a lovely day of conversation and laughter, I love this connection with people, thank you for the beautiful reading and your story. 💖💕🌺

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Christine, Happy Birthday and how wonderful you could share it with loved ones in such a fun way (just as Colette mentioned in the video)!

  • Thank you! Such a beautiful, contemplative reading…..and perfect timing ❤

  • Oh my goodness you never cease to amaze me Colette . I have just written a blog about how important it is to stay connected with people and pick up the phone and speak. Thank you and Spirit for confirming I’m on the right track as I was doubting myself on the content .💖💕

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Kerrie. Totally agree how great it is when our direction is echoed by something or someone else, and we know we’re on the right track! Love this.

  • Thank you Colette! You always bring joyful energy – so thankful for it!❤️

  • Donna Atkin says:


  • Sharon Lair says:

    As Colette discusses in this great video, the Sagittarius New Moon is a wonderful time of year not only for gratitude and thanksgiving, but also for having fun and gathering with friends and family. And this is a great reminder that we’re never alone.

    Sagittarius New Moon 3-Card spread

    1. How do I become more joyful in my life? #52 Mending (in Protection)- We are not alone; stay open-release resentments and surrender to
    loss and heart break.

    2. What do I need to know about how to express myself honestly #
    42 Chop Wood –
    Do the work; show up for –
    and help – others and ourselves.

    3. How can I express more gratitude in my life? #5 Orphaned Don’t stay orphaned; reach out to & assist others.

    Overall Summary message when combined with Crystal Spirit Meditation
    #33 Lithium Quartz – We have all we need for joyful interconnectedness. Meditate on
    gratitude and radical acceptance releasing everyone from resentment and past hurts.

    • Mary Babcock says:


    • Thank you Colette and Sharon! I’ll work on this today. Love this information.😍

      • Hi Folks I finally got to my Oraclés answers The summary is that I have been having a few back steps with regardless to my health however I observe this in a rather detached way because I trust that things will return to balance. I am filled to the brim with happiness and feeling deep trust and steadfast loyalty. This is very joyful to me. Regardless of small setbacks all is well. 🥰Love to allAnd may blessings abound 💖these questions.

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