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New Moon in Pisces (Feb 2020)

This video is all about the New Moon in Pisces! I share the questions you can use for your own Oracle Card spread to set your intentions for this New Moon.

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  • Jackie Hulme says:

    Thanks 🙏🏼 I love these readings! Thanks so much for creating this reading! I love my answers!

    1. What do I need to meditate on this moon cycle?
    Wishing Well – The Enchanted Map “Desire is the sacred impulse for life. Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership.”

    Desire is the most important impulse for creating life. Now you’re seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration, and sensing that moment of truth when you feel the inception of new life. It is an “Aha!” moment when everything makes sense. Perhaps you recognize a soul mate, or are conceiving a baby or an idea.

    The Wishing Well card awakens you to the presence of unseen forces that enable new beginnings. Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way. Neither you nor anyone else can know how or why this happens. It just does.

    To that end, you can’t control the process of growth. Rather, you must step aside to be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment to how this new creation should appear, or when. Form your intention, and take action by dropping the coin into the Wishing Well; then trust in Spirit. Prepare to be amazed.

    2. What is my “Sacred Yes” this moon cycle? Butterfly Spirit – Spirit Animal Oracle “Transformation is beautiful.”

    Joy and the beautiful lightness of being alive and creative in the world is the focus when Butterfly Spirit flutters before you. Transformation is inevitable as you grow into your most beautiful empowered self.

    Indeed, you will go through some uncomfortable stages as you let go of the forms of your life that no longer fit the new you. Even relationships must go through shifts to match your new emerging self.

    If you focus on the beauty and not the challenges; stop taking yourself too seriously; and choose to be playful, loving, and joyous, you will soon know the miracle your soul wants to experience through you.

    Today is a day for joy, so alight! Look around and see the beauty that is everywhere and in everyone, including you.

    3. What should my focus be to connect to my mystical side?

    Aphrodite – Goddess Power Oracle

    Your alignment task is to stay present, release judgment, and see the treasure of what lies in front of you. You may discover something painful is actually a beautiful gift. Indeed, it could be exactly what you need to release the old patterns that no longer serve you.

    Be careful of the addictive quality of longing, yearning for elusive love, and fixation on desired outcomes. This only creates more of the energy of unmet desire, and you may find yourself unable to discern what is true. Release expectations and attachments, and simply see what arises.

    Remain aware and accountable for your side of things, make amends if you need to, and trust that all is well. Even your partnership with the universe may need refining as you let go of your need to have things your way.

    Call on the goddess Aphrodite to lead you to a healthier, more satisfying experience. 👌🏽🥰❤️

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Beautiful and powerful reading for you Jackie. Thanks so much for sharing. Especially love Butterfly for saying Yes to transformation and Aphrodite as she leads the way for your focus.

    • Rose Romani says:

      I can’t get into the live chat today error code 3033 keeps popping up!😞

      • I am sorry Rose were you able to see the replay?

        Jeanette Membership Mavens
  • Charles Kent says:

    I asked the same questions of WOTO. I got:1. COME TO THE EDGE – to contemplate stepping into the unfamiliar so that I can find my miralces.2. TIME FOR A NAP – stepping back from an overly busy mind and allowing things to arise…to surrender!3. BY THE BOOK – abiding by the Universal Laws.I see they kind of mirror Colette’s reading for us.Thank you xx

  • This is a spot-on reading for me. My internal pushback has been telling me to pause, breathe, and observe a situation with a friend (which WOTO revealed to me in a reading this morning) – discerning what is mine and not take on what is hers.This reading just confirmed it again that I need to trust in Spirit and hang back right now, continue to listen to my internal guidance and NOT give up my power which I have been known to do in this friendship.So thank you!And yes, I so enjoy these new moon and full moon readings along with the coffee talks. Always inspiring and keeps me on the track of walking the talk I wish to walk and talk.

    • Hello Barbara,

      Being in observer mode can be a challenging place to be in. It is great that you are allowing yourself to be in this space and flow with the experience. I love the magic of the Moon Readings and Coffee Talk.
      Jeanette Membership Mavens
      • Very true especially when so much emotion is involved. But I’m grateful for what I learned in SW and reminded of here in the Oracle Circle so that I can be the best I can be.

      • yes absolutely ❤

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Barbara, thanks so much for your comments about Memership content, and you’re so right about keeping us walking the talk and talking the walk! Love this.

  • Janie Hanks says:

    Thank you so much Colette! Love this reading! Also, love the background color! Looks so springy!!! Thanks for the oracle card class info, looking forward to taking it!

    • Hello Janie – We are very excited about the class as well. It is great to have the opportunity to continue to ad into our wheelhouse.

      Jeanette Membership Mavens
    • Sharon Lair says:
      Hi Janie,
      Ditto what Jeanette said. Really looking forward to the class as well. And thanks for your wonderful comments.
  • Thank you Collette you look great! Love the green scarf and the way it matches the green lighting in the back ground. But I love love the reading. What a great message going within and setting energetic boundaries. I never thought of that. I use your cards daily. They have helped guide me through the day. I would love to be able to read for others but I know I have a fear that I must face. I thought I trusted Spirit because so many big changes have happened because of Her guidance but I am realizing I HAVE NOT BEEN TRUSTING WHEN IT COMES TO THE SMALLER THINGS like knowing it is not me doing the readings for others but trusting Spirit to work through me. Thank you for all your lessons.

    • Hello Maureen,

      Thank you for your honest share and I too can relate to your experience with this. What a wonderful gem you pulled from this lesson as with the reminder to set those boundaries.
      Jeanette Membership Mavens

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Maureen, Beautiful heartfelt share. And I totally agree about the lovely green. Colette looks fabulous in green. With respect to reading for others, when the time is right you’ll know, and it will be a natural transition. Just one person at a time as you share your beautiful light.

  • robin Dana says:

    Thank you so much Colette!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Sharon Lair says:

    In this Pisces New Moon video, Colette shares her three-card spread from the Spirit Animal Oracle asking these questions.

    1. What do I need to meditate on during this moon cycle? 23 Eagle Spirit (in protection) Trust that Spirit has our

    2. What is my sacred Yes during this moon cycle? 39 Moth Spirit (in protection) Surrender to what you know to be true. Listen to your internal “pushback”

    3. What should my focus be to connect to my mystical side? 44 Panther Sprit. Connect to your innate energy to reclaim your power.

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