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New Moon in Libra (Sept. 2019)

This video is all about the New Moon in Libra. I share the questions you can use for your own three-card spread to set your intentions for this New Moon.

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  • Kelly Knox says:

    Thank you, Colette! I didn’t open this email until 10/5 and that was meant to be. It’s a difficult day and a difficult time. My message was “Trust that there is more than one day to make things happen.” Exactly the message I needed along with it being from the “”33” Crystal Spirit card. When I see 33 or 333 for me that’s Jesus speaking to me. Much gratitude and love!

  • This are great questions and have given me a lot to ponder. My cards showed me exactly where I am right now and how I can move forward. ❤

  • Rose Romani says:

    Question 1 stood out for me As I would like be more creative my card was#19 flexible so I need to remain open and teachable and stay curious and be willing to bend to see what I can create😊

  • This new moon energy has taken me to a place of realization into the true self love that has come with acknowledgement of the strength and courage it has taken to surrender and let go of the old stories, relationships and habits to be the best version of me to date. I really had to let go of time and turn to true faith .

  • Sharon Lair says:

    New Moon (Sep 28, 2019)
    It’s Fall and we’re seeing the beauty everywhere, as Colette points out in this video. This is a perfect time to Co-Create – partner and harmonize; while honoring our own boundaries.
    Here are Colette’s questions for this Libra New Moon 3-card spread:
    1. What do I need to know about expressing my creativity?
    2. How can I bring more harmony into my relationships with others?
    3. What do I need to focus on to strengthen my relationship with my Higher Power?

    The receptive quality of breathing and meditating, opens us to receive and partner with Spirit (29 Breathe). There may be an opportunity to re-do things, only better as you start again from a different perspective. (25 Round and Round). Remember to
    be playful and have fun (51 Milk & Honey).

    After watching the video, we’d love to hear your answer to one (or more) of the following questions:
    1. What (if any) particular question or card (from your spread or Colette’s) really stood out or resonated for you?
    2. What special significance or insights did your spread have with respect to relationships with others – or Spirit?
    3. How did your card spread blend with Colette’s?
    4. How did your cards blend with Colette’s 5-card New Moon Intentions spread from her (9/23) weekly Blog?

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