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New Moon in Virgo (Aug. 2019)

This video is all about the New Moon in Virgo. I share the questions you can use for your own five-card spread to set your intentions for this New Moon.

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  • 1. By The Book, 2. Here and Now, 3. Thinker, 4. Blessed in protection, 5. Come To The Edge in protection. I understand. 5 stands out most for me right now. Need to work on it.

  • Hi All
    Wow! I did two readings- one which Colette had posted on IG and then the one here. They were BOTH so right on. I had many cards that blended with Colettes’ The information in the video really deepened my understanding of the current energy . I love knowing the astrology and the gemstone which supports this cycle.
    I laughed when I drew Take a Nap in response to my first question. I’ve been horizontal for three days, completely flat and sleeping a LOT. So I literally have been taking a nap … but what I take from this card is that I don’t need to ” push” to make anything happen right now. It’s Ok to rest and dream into the start of Oracle School coming up, which will require a rejuvenated rested me! As I step back and allow, all that I need comes with ease. I simply let my garden flourish, while I admire it! My next card, Unfinished Symphony was in BOTH draws. To me, this speaks of the Virgo energy of wrapping up projects ( I have a few!) so that I can be calm and collected with no distractions when I begin mentoring. This role that I’ve been given is most important to me and I want to be fully present to my work.
    The next card, Milk and Honey, relates to being present and savouring the joy and feelings of unlimited abundance in my life. I bring in the sacred by noticing and feeling immense gratitude for all that is around me, all that is given. I choose miracles and they are present, always, if I make the choice to look.
    In regards to the focus of my service Exchanging Gifts is my card. I feel joyful about the fact that I am reconnecting with my team and will be learning and offering support, in equal measure. This creates a gorgeous flow of energy and ensures that I never feel burdened. Interdependence is key for me!
    Lastly I drew Observer in protection, this in response to actions I need to take to increase self compassion. When I am working with a group, my perspective broadens. I’ve been at home and alone a lot this summer and it’s easy for me to feel like I’ve lost my lustre. I am inspired as I exchange with my peers and I am reminded of my own magic, pushed out of any ruts I may be stuck in, and fluffed up, ready to sparkle again. I remember that I am Spirit’s unique emissary, along with my fellow mentors and students .
    So, in closing, I see my own draw as echoing many of the messages in Colette’s draw.

  • Wow, such powerful questions, love this spread! # 3″ What do I need to address to bring more sacred into my life?” # 50 in Protection- No place like Home. By choosing the unfamiliar path now, I can find new avenues of inspiration from Spirit! And add more sacred to my life. Lets explore more!

  • This reading was so fantastic! It really helped me get a new perspective on how to move forward this cycle. My favorite question was the one about service. I drew Time For a Nap and at first I was like how does that tie into service? But then I realized that if I don’t give myself space to recharge and rest, I won’t be of service to anyone. 😍 Totally different perspective and a great reminder for me 💕

  • WENDY Fuller says:

    Thankyou Colette. I Will Be doing this in the morning.
    Love the five card spread !

  • Sharon Lair says:

    New Moon in Virgo (8/30/19 @ 6:37 AM EDT)
    In this great video, Colette reminds us of the importance of being grounded & practical as well as health-conscious and service-oriented. It’s time for writing, taking care of tasks, and tending our gardens of potentiality – and remembering we’re not human “Beings” not human “Doings.”

    Summary of Colette’s 5-card WOTO spread: 44 (Rev)-The Thinker; 12 (Rev)-A Change in the Wind; 2-Yin; 20 (Rev)-Imagine, and 8-The Tribe. During these next two weeks (8/30 – 9/13), don’t over-think or over-analyze; prune any resistance; be open & receptive, and be mindful of your thought processes. Focus on the sacred quality of abundance; be kinder and more compassionate with yourself, and know you’re not in this alone. Be with those who support you and have similar beliefs & values.

    After watching the video, we’d love to hear your answer to one (or more) of the questions below.
    1. What (if any) particular question or card (from your spread or Colette’s) really stood out or resonated for you?
    2. What special significance or insights did your spread have with respect to self-compassion, your health needs or your service to others?
    3. What (if any) impact did your reading have with respect to your garden of potentiality?
    4. How did your card spread blend with Colette’s?

    Here’s recap of the Virgo New Moon 5-card spread questions (thank you Mary Elizabeth Babcock):
    1. What can I do to better tend to my garden of potential, my field of dreams?
    2. What in my life needs revisiting for healing this cycle?
    3. What do I need to address to bring more of the sacred into my life?
    4. What would be the best focus for my service this month?

  • Thank you I’ll be doing this in the morning 🔮

  • Mary Babcock says:

    Here is a recap of the Five Card Spread and Questions for This Virgo New Moon Energy:
    1. What can I do to better tend to my garden of potential, my field of dreams?
    2. What in my life needs revisiting for healing this cycle?
    3. What do I need to address to bring more of the sacred into my life?
    4. What would be the best focus for my service this month?
    5. What action do I need to take to be kinder and more compassionate to myself?
    We invite you to share your spreads and pearls!

  • Carmen Radu says:

    Thank you, Collete, for everything! I LOVE your reading!
    I tried to do my reading with your questions, what I got was ALL IN PROTECTION mode! Scared me a little knowing I needed all that “ protection”, but at the same time, better know it!

    1. Peace (23)
    2. All that glitters (16)
    3. Time to go ( 45)
    4. Clean it up (21)
    5. Between Worlds (3)

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Thank you for sharing! I have come to love protection cards as they are my extra hug from Spirit.

  • Hot damn! This new moon in Virgo is right on! I had a cancerous lesion
    removed a few weeks ago. I’m going with my gut intuition and doing juicing and liver cleansing. Letting go lovingly of the past resentments and
    giving myself love and acceptance. Also am signed up for my 2nd go round of WOTO School…Woo Hoo! So excited! ❤️❤️❤️ U Colette!

  • ahhh our Oracle School Tribe…. blessings and thank you

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