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New Moon in Leo (July 2019)

This video is all about the New Moon in Leo. I share the questions you can use for your own three-card spread to set your intentions for this New Moon.

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  • Hello everybody,
    I decide to share my spread… I hope you like it…

    New Moon in Leo
    Card1 : What do I need to focus on to be more generous with my gifts?
    11 – By the book in Protection:
    To be more generous with my gifts, I have to focus on the need for a complete overhaul.
    To learn to follow my own rules… what is good for someone, it’s not always good for me… I have to trace my own path, to let my gifts bloom. Key words: invention, revolution,… transformation

    Card 2: One of my big problems is my confidence… then thank you for this question:
    What do I need to build my confidence?
    51 – Milk and Honey. It’s funny, because, I didn’t expect that… If I’m not wrong, it seems to mean: “I don’t need anything… only realize, to look around me, to build my confidence…”
    (Maybe my problem is always to compare me with others… maybe it’s for that, before, I saw to be generous with my gifts, I have to break my limited structure… )
    I can trust in my abilities, in my character, and in the life,… because, I’m living very good things now…
    Then, to build my confidence, I have to stop, and to say, to realize: “Waoauh Xavier, I’m pround of you because…” and “Hey Xavier, it’s really you who made that?” etc…

    Card 3: What do I need to do to feel more love for myself so that I may share that with others?
    33 – Chaos and conflict:
    I have to say… it was very difficult to understand what message this card try to tell me… I read, and read again the booklet… and nothing… and I looked again the picture… and I’ve got an understanding… Of course… I am like this zebra… my skin is falling apart, to reveal the real one: yes I’m a zebra with a giraffe skin. I always felt different from others … never in my place … maybe that’s why I put another skin, to give the impression of being like everyone else.
    Again, I have the message, don’t compare you to others… To feel more love for myself, I have to appreciates my differences, and don’t hide who I am, on the contrary, reveal my true skin.
    These messages are really in agreement with this new moon in Leo (square to Uranus), aren’t they?

    Thank you Colette for this wonderfull spread and to encourage us to see inside for wonderfull understanding… I heard you often “it’s not therapy” (or something else)… Yes, you’re right, it’s so much better and more powerfull… Thank you again…


    PS: Even if Google translation helped me sometimes, I’m not sure it’s all fine… apology :o)

  • Laura Hall says:

    1. Truth be told (14)(P) – This is all about being honest about what I do and don’t want to share of my gifts and myself with others. If I am honest about what I want to give, it will allow me to be more generous with my gifts since it is something I want to share vs. something I feel obligated to share.

    2. Not for you (6)(P) – I have to be willing to walk away from what eludes me. I need to trust in Spirit and surrender to allow for Spirit to provide. Then, I can be more confident and willing to trust because I see that Spirit does provide instead of me blocking my own abundance because I am attached to a specific outcome. What is mine will not go past me!

    3. Poised (48)(P) – “It’s better to disappoint others now than to wish you had later.” It’s better for me to put my needs first and be willing to disappoint others. By doing this, I will be loving myself in the process which allows me to share the best version of me with the world.

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Hi Laura, and the New Moon in Leo message is all about being able to be OK with putting yourself first, standing up and standing out – and of course finding the best way to shine your light for the highest good. And self-care & boundaries are an essential part. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • hello tribe,
    I’m back after being lightly Spirit slapped. So there I was practising when ere i could whilst on my annual me to nature road trip. My idea of a purrfect journey getting lost then found with a full tank of gas and an idea of where I’m heading. I found my cards increasingly frustrated with me lol reminding me of what I know and then finally the spread that read STOP! Over doing over whelming overload.Since that epic message this is the second time I’ve touched the cards save to place them back in their home and smudge. The first time I was not clear I came to the cards muddy being a bit of a smarty pants oops upside my head! So I waited til today watched the video again and got this read. I’ve interpreted this message as positive strengthening the Divine’s repeated message that this little light o mine I’ve gotta let shine. I’m working to stop focusing on the how just to be, as my mantra came to me in the midst of my trip: RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW I am blessed Oh on my table the river water pure and clean.

    • Sharon Lair says:

      What a marvelous and insightful share Dtaborah. I’m still chuckling over the image of you being “slightly Spirit slapped” – and especially LOVE your take away message for you “RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW” Thank you.

      • thank you but wait there’s more! bwahahaha. I also was told that it’s time to step up and begin to read for other people- SOOOOO anybody game? …and patient 😉 besos tj

  • Dana Hauser says:

    These cards are completely in tune with Leo’s beautiful, generous heart and celebratory nature!!!
    #1 ( How to be more generous with my gifts): BEE Spirit
    As I tap into the Universal consciousness and away from self centeredness I find there is SO much to share! I love that it says Spirit is always producing more honey – miracles and magic – there is always enough and plenty to share as long as I tap into the Universal hive! I can give unconditionally with an endless supply ( isn’t it funny that I drew Milk and Honey today too?!)
    #2 (confidence) Canary Spirit – Sing Your Own Song
    Canary Spirit reminds me of my inner light and joy – and wants me to let it shine! I really needed this today and feel such special sunny energy from the Citrine and this card -“now is the time to let the world know who you really are!” I am releasing the need to be what I think everybody else wants me to be and starting to live a more authentic life.
    #3 (feeling more self love so that i can share with others) Otter!!
    OTTER and I share a special connection that was found last summer splashing around all day in the waters of Tulum. It was there that I connected intimately with Otter Spirit, and he has remained one of my animal totems ever since. Seeing Otter show up today was a loving reminder that I am never alone. The more I reach out and let others know that they matter, I will be reminded of how many people love me as well – it’s a never ending circle!
    What an uplifting amazing new moon spread – Goodbye Retrograde!

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Wow Dana, you’re so right about the incredible Leo New Moon energy and your cards were a great reflection. And for sure, bye to Mercury Retrograde! Loved your spread and interpretation.

  • Joyce Kasper says:

    Sharon Lair I so love the Oracle Circle. Have I missed the membership application and dues information? Or has it not been released. I don’t want to miss anything. Thank you.

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Hi Joyce, No you haven’t missed anything. This GREAT Membership Site is currently in Beta, and we all get to be part “from the get go”. There will be plenty of notice when they are ready to launch. In the meantime, take a look around and see how you like everything, and please provide some feedback as well. It’s always appreciated because Colette and her team want Beta and future members (once it launches) to have the best experience. To that end, there’s a Discussion tab on this site, and we’d love to hear your feedback about the site – and of course, as always – about the videos and content (right below the videos)! Thanks so much.

  • I love the starry night background!

  • Dawn Colombo says:

    Thank you Colette for helping us work the energy that coming in.
    1. #51 Milk and Honey
    2. #34 A Leg Up
    3. #39 New Life
    My Authenticity is what I need to be generous with. Gratitude!!!! My Ego can take a break, and I can hear the calling of my soul. Life is not meant to go alone. I offer my support as well as asking for help myself and it’s a win-win. New ideas and opportunities, being optimistic, hopeful possibilites. Letting myself shine and leading the way with my Authentic inspired self.
    Thank you, Thank You!

  • Loyal Heart (protection) – Focus on making room and letting go, pruning all of the betrayals and receiving the good people that want to come into my life.

    To Be Fair (protection) – Do build my confidence by believing that injustice and disappointment does not be part of my learning or experience. Stick with ME. Stick Up For ME. HELLO! I KNOW this.
    **I have learned this: The Overgiver can transform to an Undertaker for their own Soul**

    Orphaned (protection) – Do work on feeling more love for myself by not abandoning myself or sticking with the old pattern of everybody else in the world matters more than I matter–that’s old programming and needs pruning. Then people won’t feel so overwhelming and I can begin to connect again without all the old yuck. Permission to be Selfish is always always welcomed in my life. 🙂 and the confirmation needed!

  • Terri Cohen says:

    My 3 card spread cards are:
    1. Clean it up
    2. Deep Knowing
    3. Exchanging Gifts
    I feel very aligned with this New Moon energy of Leo and the cards I chose make a lot of sense to me. Clean it up is a perfect reminder to get your house in order. Colette’s card Yin speaks of releasing the need to have things in the form I want. I will clean that up so I may gracefully await what is coming to me and to be ready to accept it when it appears. This is huge for me because I have given away so many opportunities because of never feeling ready.
    The fact that we both chose Deep Knowing is even more validation to pay attention to my intuition more than ever. Building confidence is everything for me right now and choosing this card gives me confidence to trust in myself and Spirit.
    Exchanging Gifts came up 2x for me today as well as the last two days it appeared. Isn’t that interesting? I have what it takes to be successful if I align with the Laws of Giving and Receiving. When you engage in this exchange, your life will grow even more exponentially for yourself and others. Colette’s card Peace is the feeling I will receive when I engage in this dance of giving and receiving.
    The intentions have been set for the highest good and now it’s time to ENJOY!

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Wow Terri,
      What a great card spread and insightful interpretation especially with the blending of your own cards with Colette’s for the entire group. I especially loved the Exchanging Gifts! Thank you.

  • What do I need to focus on to be more generous with my gifts? Saraswati (p)
    What do I need to do to build my confidence? Epona (p)
    What do I need to do to feel more love for myself so that I may share that with others? Ma’at

    Saraswati says “Stop working in a scattered way! And oh boy I needed to hear that. The last couple of weeks I was like a honeybee flying from one flower to the next without taking my time to collect all the honey there is! Like one of those flies that buzz around your head and you are unable to get it and it makes you go nuts! It was like my ego was pushing me to take the high-speed train to “Jack of all trades- city”; a city with foundations build on sand… ofc no one is a master there, right?

    Now thanks to Colette and this beautiful spread I realized that I need to get back to my roots. I need to get out of this high-speed train and continue my journey on the beautiful steamboat “knowledge” waiting for me at the docks of the river of “Truth”.

    These cards are really eye-openers and they bring such relief because I can slow down now, and let go of all the doubts and pressure I have put on me. These three Goddesses really pulled the string on my parachute, helping me to land in a safe spot instead of crushing into the ground…scattered all over the place haha

    Have a fanatsice week!
    Love and Blessngs!

  • Wow! What a journey this year has been to me 🙏🙏🙏
    I am learning more about my own life and also to learn more about the patterns and the cards gave me this guidance to day!
    I am so great full of the Oracle School and your teaching 🙏
    I learned that I am blessed to have you all in my life and this was my prayers before I even new about Colette and her teachings!
    I haven’t posted so much in fb but I have been following the journey in this tribe!
    Card number 48 Poised
    You can be assured that you are ready for anything right now. You know what you need to, your skills are sharp, you’ve come to this place armed with wisdom and knowledge, and you sense a new phase of your life about to begin. People respond to your confidence and trust you. This is an auspicious time to begin new things.

    And there is a new pathway for me!
    This was not what I planned but spirit showed me something I was missing. It’s a better plan for me 😄👍💕

    Card number 15 Message in a bottle
    In protection
    Are you refusing to acknowledge the signs because you want things as you want them? Spirit always has your best interest at heart and will draw your attention to what you are overlooking.

    This is the truth in my search for a purpose in my life and my new journey is to follow my intuition and relaying to the guidance I got 🙏 and to know I am blessed to have spirit watching over me.

    Card number 25 Round and round
    The spiral quality of events when a lesson isn’t quite integrated; cycles you are challenged to break; revisiting a pattern from a new perspective.
    The appearance of this card is a reminder that although it may appear that you’ve gone backward, the truth is that you are standing at a higher level, looking down into your circumstances. You will learn something, do something better, and break a cycle set up in the past.
    You actually have a birds-eye view of your initial footprints and can access the wisdom and lessons learned.

    You can’t make this up!!!
    I have had my feelings all over during this time with you Colette and not a clue where this was going and I found myself to being in the right place and doing the right things 😄😄😄

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful teaching and I have found my tribe to have my life in spirit!

    Love you all 💕

    • How wonderful Irene. Spirit really does know what to do, thank for sharing your insights on this New Moon in Leo what a great reading for you. <3

    • We are indeed blessed knowing that Spirit is watching over us! Thank you:)

    • Sharon Lair says:

      This is so profound Irene. Those exact same cards have come up for me before and for many of those same reasons. So glad you’re “poised” and ready to share thoughts and cards with us, because when you do, we’re all enlightened! Thank you!

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Leo New Moon – (July 31st 9 degrees Leo approximately 11:15 PM EDT)

    Oh my. What a great video, and how wonderful to be into Leo Fire energy now. The pace of life picks up considerably. It’s time for creativity, play & fun; time to show up, show off and light a path for others.

    Reminders Colette’s 3 Questions (& Cards) for New Moon in Leo.
    Card 1. What do I need to focus on to be more generous with my gifts?
    2 Yin. Generosity is also about receiving allowing other to give to you as well – remember the Law of Reciprocity.

    Card 2. What do I need to do to build my confidence?
    43 Deep Knowing. Stay in touch with – and listen – to your intuition.

    Card 3: What do I need to do to feel more love for myself so I may share that with others?
    23 Peace. Leo energy can be fiery as well as is regal & generous. When you’re at peace with yourself (no matter the outer circumstances), you are much more likely to share that love.

    After you watch the video, we’d love to hear your answer to one (or more) of the following questions:

    1. What (if any) particular question or card (from your spread or Colette’s) really stood out or resonated for you?

    2. What special significance or insights did your spread have with respect to the Leo New Moon intentions regarding generosity, building confidence and/or sharing love?

    3. How did your card spread blend with Colette’s?

    • Well Sharon, to me her cards fit so well to my own reading. I need to reconnect with my feminine side, with that yin energy and stop acting and rushing which I can connect to Saraswati; I have too much yang energy going on, making me to jump from one theme to the next, making me jittery and wanting to learn everything there is without having the patience and inner peace to take my time to really “learn and understand”. It is also found in Epona saying” All you have to do now is relax (duracell bunny here!) and wait”. It is about being receptive and listen to the messages sent to me. I also needed that Peace card … becasue the most important sentence for me was. Ma’aat saying “Your life is exactly where it needs to be!You are doing all the right things if you follow the invitation of Ma’at to live fearlessly in truth” and the truth is that I need to go back to my roots and do what i can do best…share my story, my journey…be compassionate and spread love! But above all it is about believing and trusting in myself and my gifts!

      Have a nice day!

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