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New Moon in Cancer (July 2019)

This video is all about the New Moon in Cancer. I share the questions you can use for your own four-card spread for this New Moon.

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  • for me I drew
    Coming Apart in protection,
    Coming to LIFE (p) and
    Follow the Leader
    my summation: I know it-now act on it- slowly carefully gracefully own it

  • These questions are perfect for me during this New Moon in Cancer. I ask Animal Spirit deck what I need to do to best nurture myself during this New Moon in my sign of Cancer? I’m real good at nurturing others, how do I aim this nurture st myself?
    I drew Buffalo Spirit. I love this, because Buffalo speaks of recognizing blessings and living in a state of gratitude for the abundance which is mine . I always feel so nurtured when I notice and then feel grateful for all that is available to me! This abundance is hard evidence for me that I am being cared for. 💞
    Next, I drew Spider Spirit to answer my question “how do I best care for myself during this new moon cycle?”
    I feel so good about myself when I allow the space and time to pursue my creativity. I have paintings to finish, a crochet Afghan blanket to complete, actually too many half done projects to complete to mention. This timeframe is perfect to finish a project or three – in doing my art I am totally absorbed in the NOW ( best place ever!!)and I feel fabulous at seeing a finished project .
    My next card, Panther Spirit replies to my question ” How do I take care of others that I love whilst tending to my own needs?”
    Panther has been with me since I was about 9 yrs old. Today Panther appeared in protection. When I am focused on ” fretting” about those around me I am simply annoying- to myself AND to them. Panther, like any cat, is independent and powerful. If I can re-member the power of this beautiful animal I know that those around me are happiest when I am happy.
    A la: “if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t NObody happy!!” 😁
    I nurture myself AND those around me when I am the best version of myself- strong, confident, capable. I have more to offer from this stance if I move out of fear of what I will find in me- to curiosity of what I may find and use towards my creativity. Darkness simply contains mystery, that’s exciting!
    Lastly, I asked what I need to focus on this cycle to ensure a high vibration from me which is in the highest good of me and those around me?
    I drew Turkey Spirit in protection . I sometimes slip into fear of scarcity and lack. This usually surfaces when I am neglecting myself in some way and losing focus on my spiritual practice. Turkey reminds me again of the unlimited abundance that is all around me and within me. Turkey reiterates what Buffalo spoke of in my first card. I am surrounded with all I need, I am HOME, all is very well. I have creative projects to keep me busy for as far into the future as I can imagine and even beyond. Colette’s reading for us- if I do what I have in front of me to do I cannot feel any sort of fear or fomo….”lack” is a lie.
    Whew! This reading feels very encouraging and uplifting. Thank you!!
    PS- speaking of gratitude, 39 years sober today!!!

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Oh Shelley. That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Thank you too Sharon for taking the time to read my long reply! I forgot to say that I’m really loving Colettes’ inclusion of helpful stones and crystals for the moon phases 💖
        I’m a real rock hound so this appeals to me greatly. I think of the stones I’ve collected as friends. 🤗

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Cancer New Moon (Jul 2, 2019)
    Discussion Page Question from Sharon Lair

    Wow. What a wonderful reminder the New Moon in Cancer is quiet and nurturing, so it’s a perfect time to cuddle with loved ones or relax at home with family and friends. This is an especially powerful New Moon since it is also an Eclipse, making intention-setting even more important for all of us. Note: The Moon will join the Sun in Cancer Jul 1 (from 9:24 PM EDT) through late night Jul 3 EDT; and the exact New Moon and Eclipse will occur mid-afternoon on Jul 2 (3:14 PM EDT).

    Using Spirit Animal Oracle Deck, Colette drew cards for all of us. Card: 1 #35 Koala Spirit is about “surrender” and trusting that Spirit has a plan.
    Card 2: #67 Wolf Spirit about actually doing something to implement our knowledge. Card 3: #42 Otter Spirit about playfulness and knowing we’re not alone because Guardian Angels abound. Card 4: #37 Lion Spirit about the Law of Reciprocity and focusing on generosity of Spirit.
    If you haven’t already done your New Moon Spread, below are the questions Colette asked.

    •How do I best nurture myself with this new moon energy?
    •What do I need to do to better serve my self-care?
    •How do I take care of others that I love without losing myself?
    •What do I need to focus on to ensure my intentions this cycle are in my highest good?

    Reply from Jenni Pennanen:
    Hi Sharon and Colette!
    I love doing these moon cycle spreads! Today I got Dolphin, Spider, Parrot and Otter spirit. My message was to notice duality, acknowledge blessings and light during difficult times; to take steps to make my dreams come true, be clear with my intentions, be creative; to use my words to take care of my loved ones and last show my love freely.

    Dolphin spirits message resonates me the most, I am going through difficult times and this really went deep in me. I know that I should acknowledge more blessings in my life even though outer conditions are intense.
    Colette’s cards blend well with mine! Lots of good guidance to work with this new moon energy!

    Reply to Jenni from Sharon Lair:
    Jenni, that’s so wonderful to hear (the blending of the cards – not that you’re having a tough time). And I especially love how the dolphin stood out for you. And don’t forget to play and have fun while you’re co-creating.

  • Definitely putting this in my Oracle toolbox for each New Moon Cycle!

  • This is exactly the confirmation I needed. THANK YOU. I seem to need permission to relax. I know I am not alone in that… I love the combining of astrology and your cards!!
    I picked this fascinating combo from the WISDOM deck today (which aligns totally with the cards and new moon in Cancer) and was fascinated by the numeric reversal as well:
    **#42 Chop Wood (Protection) w/ #24 Take a Nap! As an over-doer Chop Wood protection tells me like yeast in bread, let in rise… and go rest. 🙂
    Thank you Colette!! **

  • Love this! Feeling this New Moon energy approach I found myself being directed to focus on self-care. Love the affirming information your video contained. I will be doing a second New Moon spread using these questions.
    Deep gratitude!

    • Sharon Lair says:

      So happy to know you liked the questions Susan. And it’s great to refer back to them. Thought you might also like to know, each month based on the Moon and other planetary configurations, Colette will create new questions for every New and Full Moon phase.

  • Mary Babcock says:

    This is amazing. I will be taking a deep dive with the questions!

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Yes, and I love the gemstone information as well. Really brings it all together Jeanette!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Sharon I am fascinated by the gemstones. I really had no idea!

      • Sharon Lair says:

        I know exactly what you mean Mary. Gemstone information (for each moon phase) is new for me too – and very helpful. Loving it!

  • I am loving these questions. What a way to dive deep. <3

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