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How to Work With the Moon Cycles

What are moon cycles and how can you harness that energy to start manifesting? In this video, I introduce moon cycles and talk about how each month the Oracle Circle will be using the energy of the moon, along with Oracle Cards to co-create some magic!!

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  • I can’t wait to get started either! These are things I have always wanted to learn.

  • Melody James says:

    I found this video quite interesting and learned some things I didn’t know. But I have on many occasions, set what I call a Full Moon Paper in the light of the full moon and then on the new moon, write my intentions down on that paper. So much to learn and looking forward to the next video/lesson.

  • The video was so informative and I learned many things which I was unaware of!

  • I also appreciate this explanation, having known nothing about the moon cycles until Colette’s lessons. Am excited about Colette’s upcoming readings and paying closer attention to what is happening in my life during these cycles! 🙏❤️

  • Thank you for this . This is interesting. It is the first time I ever did anything with the moon cycles.

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Discussion Question by Jeanette Peters

    The New Moon is a time for setting your intentions and the Full Moon is a time of seeing what came to fruition with those new intentions. Have you had any practice working with the cycles of the moon before? What have your experiences included?
    May 05, 2019

    Reply from Sharon Lair
    Great question. Thank you Jeanette. I have used New Moon spreads for several years now, and find they always help me focus on what’s coming up for the New Moon phase and the following 2 weeks. I don’t typically do a Full Moon spread, although I find they can be very helpful for evaluating the intentions set during the New Moon phase. That has now changed!

    I love Colette’s New & Full Moon spreads, and immediately saw a lovely new dimensional depth that facilitates even more focused intention setting for the spread. Including the current Sun and/or Moon Astrological signs as well as transiting planets & influences – and changing the questions to reflect those energies – is Brilliant! And the crystals add even more insight and help, especially since it’s a fairly new area of study for me. Love it!

  • I’ve just started working with the moon cycles and finding it much easier to track my intentions, see what I’ve created, is still in progress, uncovered, etc. or what still needs to be completed or healed. Thanks for this!

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