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Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 2019)

This video is all about the Full Moon in Sagittarius. I share a four-card Full Moon spread to help you navigate this full moon energy and harness it for your highest good.

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  • Sharon Lair says:

    Sagittarius Full Moon (Jun 17, 2019) Spread Question by Sharon Lair

    In this great video, Colette describes the June 17th late degree Sagittarius Full Moon as “Busy, Bold & Big” which was reflected in the four cards she drew for all of us from ‘Spirit Animal Oracle’ –– Koi Fish Spirit (Abundance), Badger Spirit (Fearless & Bold), Pig Spirit (Right use of intellect) and Swan Spirit (Deep Dive).

    What did your Sagittarius Full Moon spread reveal? (Colette’s video questions are below)
    Card 1. What have I learned from the past two weeks when the New Moon cycle started in Gemini?
    Card 2. What do I need to focus on or integrate my most important lesson?
    Card 3. What do I need to learn and/or release in these next week two weeks?
    Card 4: How do I best express what I’ve learned for the highest good?
    We’d love to hear about your “enthusiastic learning” insights, personal shifts or increases in intuition.

    Reply from Jenni Pennanen
    My moon spread was interesting and kind of gentle approach to these energies. I used The Mystical Shaman cards and my spread was following.
    1. The Heart of the Sky
    2. Water
    3. Flow reversed
    4. The Earthkeeper
    I felt that message to me is that I need to more bring my art and my thought to the public and focus on creating from the space of love in all areas of life. I must observe my emotions and let me feel my emotions, let them flow. I am going forward by letting the flow take me, not control too much myself the direction. And of course, trust my manifestation process! The Earthkeeper is a reminder for me to take care of Mama Earth and my people around me.

    Sharon Lair Reply to Jenni
    Wow. That’s lovely Jenni. Thank you for sharing

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