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Full Moon in Pisces (Sept. 2019)

This video is all about the Full Moon in Pisces. I share a four-card Full Moon spread to help you navigate this full moon energy and harness it for your highest good.

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  • dawn riley says:

    What a great reading the video is for this full moon! My partner is a Pisces and I am a Virgo and twice this week i found his ‘special pen’ for him (which was about 3 inches from the cup he keeps it in) . Colette’s reference to Pieces and Virgo was spot on.
    I used the Crystal Spirit deck, my card for Q1 was #23 Euclase -wisdom from within, aligning with Divine intelligence. A very clear answer to staying connected to spiritual nature w/o spacing out.
    2. best way to channel my creativity.
    #43 Petrified Wood – Patience, going with the flow, trusting universal timing. Lots for me to work on here!
    3. Focus on to expand my service #40 Orange Calcite – creativity, courage, sensuality and sexuality. Censored heehee
    4. To express my mystical nature in a practical way I drew #53 Spessartive Garnet. Charm, charisma, shining and sparkling; being a brilliant beacon of confidence that inspires others. Stand up straight, strut your stuff. I will wear my garnet beads to remind me to be this way, because I don’t like attention and prefer being in the background.

  • I love this reading. Thank you. If only I a Virgo …was more 🙂

  • Ana Zaric says:

    It’s amazing how the reading and the Oracle cards hit my current energy and how they give me the precise insight in the situation I’m finding myself in right now…and I always/still feel blown away by the messages the Universe shares with here it is, my full moon reading:
    1. How do I stay connected to my spiritual nature without spacing out?

    42- Chop Wood in Protection- “Take one step towards the gods and they will take ten steps towards you!” – I’m a dreamer by nature, building castles in my head all the time but I’m actually not a doer…but now it’s really that time in my life when I can’t stay sitting down and waiting for storm to be over..I need to actually DO something..even if it’s a small plan to follow..

    2. What is the best way to channel my creativity?

    4 – Higher Power – when you finally take that one step towards gods, you have to trust that there’s a plan for your life more wondrous than you can ever is possible when you trust in higher power and you’re ready to take a chance without fear of mistake…

    3. What do I need to focus on to expand my service?

    25 – Round and round – it’s time to focus on what’s working and make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes…even though cycle repeats itself, I’m different now and I can break the old it’s time for me to observe better the map I’m finding myself in right now

    4. What do I need to focus on to express my mystical nature in a practical way?

    8 – The Tribe – find your tribe, find the like-minded souls.

    That’s why I’m here now, sharing my reading for the very first time with you members..because here I feel safe and very first step hoping I will attract my soul family in my life..

    Happy Full Moon!

  • 1. How do I stay connected to my spiritual nature without spacing out? Tick – Tock (p); For me this is all about letting go of my need to put everything into a time frame or to say it with the words of Louise L. Hay “Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time, place and in the right order” and all I have to do is keep moving forward and trust in Spirit.

    2. What is the best way to channel my creativity? Loyal Hearts: I need to stay true to myself; it is about integrity and authenticity; do what makes my heart sing and stop making assumptions and take yhings personally.

    3. What do I need to focus on to expand my service? Yin (p); this sentence says it all “You stop the flow of abundance when you continually insist upon being the giver”… Yin upright or in protection is the card I still have to work with most and now with the FM in my 1st House I am not surprised Spirit sends me this card again:) Still got some work to do…

    4. What do I need to focus on to express my mystical nature in a practical way? New Life; With the help of Colette and her tribe of elders, I finally manged to break free out of my shell and now it is time to shine my light into the world! All I have to do now is to follow my intution and get ready to take my first baby steps towards my new liberated me!

  • My Full Moon spread was:
    1. Flexible #19 To be willing to learn new things, teachable malleable, yet firmly grounded in who I am.
    2. Poised #48 in protection. It’s okay to just be for now, I don’t need to move forward now. Now is not the time to half wing it and deliver something half finished. Sit back and observe.
    3. Tick-Tock #30 in protection. reminder that I’ll never run out of time for the important things. The miracles that are mine and mine alone cannot be missed. Just learn to relax.
    4. Between worlds #3 in protection. time to be mindful of my expectations. This is not a time for guarantees. Let go and see what Spirit has in store.

    For the full moon I’ve placed on my altar the cards from Colette’s crystal deck: Hematite, Fluorite , Moldavite and Diamond.

  • LeiAnne Koch says:

    I used the WOTO deck.

    I’m still pondering my card for the 1st question – which was Time to Go ??? not sure how that keeps me connected without spacing out???

    2nd card was A Change in the Wind- i’m thinking this means- what form will my creativity will take? because I don’t know that one yet.

    3rd card- No Place Like Home- Be my authentic self in order to expand my service

    4th card- Yang- I need to focus on taking action – to express my mystical nature in a practical way- no more day dreaming or pondering…

    I have to say my daily cards have been all about staying present and letting go of what I think I should be doing or where I think I should be going- still in between worlds and I don’t know where all of this is going yet. I guess that’s Pisces- go with the flow-i’m not in charge 🙂

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Ahh Leianne, loved that beautiful nugget at the about we’re not in charge and going with the flow especially during this Pisces/Virgo Full Moon. If you consider Time to Go represents Full Moon energy about releasing what no longer serves you, does that change your perspective on the reading?

      • LeiAnne Koch says:

        yes that helps a lot. i like the reminder of the perspective shift. i think it came up in the personal mastery call this week as well. thank you! i’m going to make a sticky note to remind myself to shift my perspective when stuck.

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    I am earth sign who loved this reading from Colette and thank you Sharon for sharing the review with us. I just chose my cards in order of the questions. Peace 23 in reverse, A Change in the Wind 12 in reverse, The Tribe 8 in reverse and A Message in a Bottle 15. Love this new story in motion reminding me not to play small but to co-create with the Divine and to watch for a sign as Spirit knows my heart. I am excited about this new moon. Time to go within to listen.

  • Thank you for these questions very accurate again the crystal spirit deck
    Card were pink sapphire Protection awesome!
    Jade upright just beautiful
    Petrified wood so accurate
    Durmortierite, so practical
    Bless you

  • Vicki Albin says:

    I am not available to listen live. Are these recorded?! Thanks

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Vicki. This is a video recording you can access anytime 24/7, so you should be good to go with the above Full Moon in Pisces Video or any of the Video lessons in the Membership Oracle Circle. In fact, the only “Live” Call (usually monthly) is Coffee Talk with Colette, so be sure to check that out. The next Coffee Talk with Colette is coming up this Sunday 9/15/19 at 10 am ET (and it will be recorded if you can’t make be on the live call). Hope this helps

      • dawn riley says:

        Hi Sharon and Mary, (Tech or housekeeping problem)
        I think I am not on the email notification list for the Membership Circle, therefore didn’t find out about the Pisces Full Moon in Virgo video until this morning. Also when I checked through the webpage it was grayed out until this morning for me, but it looks as tho a lot of people received the information on the 12th. Would you please look into this for me, I love being a part of this! Also, was there a Coffee Talk on the 15th? That is still grayed out for me. Thank you – Dawn Riley

  • Laura Hall says:

    WOTO was right on as usual and very in line with Colette’s group reading!

    1. Truth Be Told (40) – Staying grounded in my truth about where I am with things and how I feel. Surrender to what is. Be authentic and gloriously flawed.
    2. Imagine (20) – Spend time daydreaming and meditating. Allow the power of creativity to deliver images of what feeds your soul. Then allow your feelings to mingle with your inspirations, and imagine these things being real right now.
    3. Co-Create (40)(P) – You must tap into Spirit, not simply yourself. Ask Spirit for inspiration. Reclaim your partnership with Spirit. Inspiration will flow through you as soon as you get out of your own way.
    4. To Be Fair (38) – Balance; Life is a pendulum. You will always oscillate back and forth between doing and being.

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Agree. Such a great reading as usual. You just can’t make this up as Colette says. Loved your card spread Laura.

  • This was an amazing reading! It really settled me down. I haven’t done my personal reading yet but am curious to see what it brings 🙂

  • Sharon Lair says:

    With so much Earth, the Full Moon in watery Pisces can bring practical magic. As Colette shares in this video, there’ a dreamy mystical essence blending with grounded earth energy, so it’s an ideal time for writing, painting, dancing or giving yourself permission to take a time out. Note: The Moon enters Pisces on Sep 12th for 2 ½ days; the Full Moon will be felt the night of Sep 13, and will be exact just after midnight Sep 14th (EDT).

    Using Wisdom of the Oracle (WOTO), Colette drew a 4-card spread for all of us. . .Card: 1 #7 (protection) To the Sea – a reminder to go with the flow and avoid resistance. Card 2: #40 Co Create let go of Ego and let Spirit be our partner. Card 3: #5 Orphaned (protection) Important not to isolate ourselves; reach out to others. Card 4: #32 Here & Now (protection) take one step at a time, release need to know the future, and let go of the past. Actually, a great time for releasing since the Full Moon is about eliminating what no longer works.

    As a reminder, below are the questions Colette asked.
    1. How do I stay connected to my spiritual nature without spacing out?
    2. What is the best way to channel my creativity?
    3. What do I need to focus on to expand my service?
    4. What do I need to focus on to express my mystical nature in a practical way?

    We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts – and especially about your own cards.

    What special significance did your spread have with respect to expressing your mystical nature in a practical way?
    How do your cards blend with Colette’s?

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