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Full Moon in Capricorn (July 2019)

This video is all about the Full Moon in Capricorn. I share a four-card Full Moon spread to help you navigate this full moon energy and harness it for your highest good.

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  • Glenn Mavor says:

    What do I need to do so my full participation and my success in this part of my life is assured?
    I think this… “Find joy in the present moment, whatever is happening, and be satisfied with things as they are. You’re free from the shackles of longing and able to experience the liberation that comes from actually being happy moment to moment, for you have chosen happiness over yearning for it.“

    What hidden influence is operating right now to support or hinder my progress in this area in my life?
    “The issue at hand is the need to find where you fit….Address the need for belonging, and know that you will find your place with others of like mind and spirit. “
    There is a lot of change inside me, and I feel fluid. There is not any mooring to tie onto…I’m definitely on a voyage that is ok when I remember I’m Divinely guided.

    What needs my focus to fully connect to and trust the abundant universe?
    A Change In The Wind 12
    “You might not be one hundred percent clear on where you need to go, but you are certain that things are not going as planned. Circumstances are not in your control right now. Wait it out. All will be well – even better, actually. Trust.”
    Quite a thread … Stay joyful in the present, know that your headed right to where you belong even when the whitecaps appear on the stormy chop.

    What do I need to let go of now?
    A Leg Up 34
    “You have come to a point where going it alone is no longer optimal for you. Life has a way of presenting you with the perfect people to align with who can give you a leg up during this next phase of your journey.”
    There is so much change occurring now that I actually hired someone to help. I didn’t expect I would, but it’s clear, I’m meant to be with the joy not struggle.

  • hi ! Colette’s reading reinforced what I have been dealing with . intuitively Ive been reassessing my work life balance , setting new boundaries, so that i have enough time for me , my personal life and family . in my career its easy to get sucked in as work very long hours,. As a Scorpio this has been an interesting few weeks, as I feel an emotional tug of war.. Its been a challenge to stay in observer mode!
    before I listened this video, I had decided to do a full moon reading using the Mystical Shaman deck. i did the reading after watching Colette. About a week ago I had asked a very specifically worded question to Spirit. for the last question what do I need to let go of…I pulled Soul Retrevial 49 upright, this card echoed back-the question I had asked Spirit and showed me the path to the answer. looking forward to going outside and communing tonight! blessingsamd Thank you Colette and Sharon for your serving hearts. Dee

    • Mary Babcock says:

      As a fellow Scorpio your words resonate about the emotional tug of war. Balance is hard to maintain. I know for me that Staying in observer mode can be challenging but also allows me to find a new perspective. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Aww Thanks so much Dee, and I would echo what Mary Elizabeth said about Scorpio and say that any water sign (Scorpio, Cancer & Pisces) will most likely have been greatly impacted these last few weeks (as well as Capricorn – Earth).

      • Yes, Sharon, Im a Cancerian and I found that during this period through the full moon and after I suddenly had a bunch of administrative work to do in my ( very) part time job. It’s definitely not my favourite part but it does need to be I found it interesting too to hear about how Capricorn and Cancer are opposites as I’d never thought of it that way: my Mom and Dad were both Capricorn’s ! Hmmmmmm, that might explain a few things. 🤔☺️Overall really enjoyed this Info which will also go well with Stars and Cards which I am taking too. Thanks for all this great deeper view 💖

  • Wow, this reading was dead on accurate. As a matter of fact, I took a deep sigh of relief every time I pulled a card. I love the Wisdom of the Oracle deck. I have been working on taking care of me for a month. I love that it was this weeks lesson. Thanks Colette for being you!

  • perfect timing for me to address career question as I await the verdict on my ‘pitch’ for a job that garnered interest and further discussion and inquiry, so now I am in that space of waiting, hoping, releasing; I’m pretty sure everybody knows that Game…I’m not sure I’m understanding..
    What do I need to let go of?
    39 Protecting Treasure (from Map) and 50 No Place Like Home (from Wisdom; which happens to be my favorite card). Hmmm. Feeling defensive! 🙂

    • Sharon Lair says:

      This is really cool SunnySunny. And congrats on a successful “pitch” as you wait in your authenticity for a decision.

  • Oh these cards are so relevant to me Colette! I have been thinking of quitting and then I remind myself that tomorrow is another day and the energy will be different again. And to give myself more time to see what will manifest. Many thanks! 🙂 xx

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Wow Frances, that’s awesome. And you’re so right, tomorrow’s another day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gwen Pullman says:

    Thank you for this lesson. Very interesting indeed.
    My personal reading was very precise, helpful, and encouraging. I did forget to think about the home/work polarity though while doing the reading.
    My favorite card was the 1st one drawn, Loyal Heart advising me to devote myself to my passion, art. And the card that repels me the most in any reading which showed up in the the 3rd position (What I need to focus on to fully connect and trust the abundant universe) is Mending. I could never figure out what the heck I needed to mend. I think I finally figured it out. It’s about my self-worth. What I perceive my self-worth to be. This is about believing in yourself.
    I see similarities between my reading and Colette’s, I even received Tick-Tock but in reverse in the 4th position; let go of your anxiety of running out of time. Awesome reading and questions! 💕

    • Sharon Lair says:

      That’s awesome Gwen thanks for sharing your cards and how they blended with Colette’s! By the way, Mending is one of my favorite cards, perhaps because my aunt and mother were great seamstresses, and that card always speaks to me of how we’re all literally connected and part of humanity’s great patchwork of life. For me, the card that stood out (3rd time in as many days) was Not for You (#6) when I asked the 4th question about “release”. Then it hit me some things we will never be able to mend or fix – it’s simply about radical acceptance, letting go & forgiveness.

      • Gwen Pullman says:

        Thank you for your response and insight Sharon. I love your perception of Mending! I now can see the two fairies sitting together working on something beautiful that offers healing. Awsome that you figured out what you need to let go of. Perhaps now you will feel a sense of freedom.

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse (5:38 pm EDT Jul 16, 2019)
    In this video, Colette reminds us of the importance of finding the balance between nurturing self-care and work/career environment. This Is a very powerful Full Moon, because it is also a Full Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will be in Capricorn from Jul 14 (7:05 pm EDT) through early morning Jul 17.
    Colette’s 4-card WOTO spread: 19 (Rev)-Flexible; 30-Tick Tock; 31 (Rev)-Why; and 47 (Rev)-Go the Distance. As Colette summarized – don’t be too rigid; know you have all the time in the world; know your “why”; and don’t give up before the miracle happens. As a reminder, here are Colette’s four questions
    1. What do I need to do (release or shift) so my full participation and success in this part of my life are assured?
    2. What hidden influence is operating to support or hinder my progress right now in this area of my life?
    3. What needs my focus to fully connect to and trust the abundant Universe?
    4. What do I need to let go of now?

    After watching the video, we’d love to hear your answer to one (or more) of the following questions:
    1. What (if any) particular question or card (from your spread or Colette’s) really stood out or resonated for you?
    2. What special significance or insights did your spread have with respect to polarity between home and work/career?
    3. How did your card spread blend with Colette’s?

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