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Full Moon in Aquarius (Aug. 2019)

This video is all about the Full Moon in Aquarius. I share a four-card Full Moon spread to help you navigate this full moon energy and harness it for your highest good.

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  • Hi All
    Wow, I loved your reading, Colette, and I do appreciate the incorporation of the astrology and the crystals.
    My draw in response to these questions:
    1.How can I balance my need to give with my need for self care?-
    #37- Never-Ending Story
    Ah yes. This made me LOL. If I overgive it’s to try to receive love, and coming from a fear of rejection or a need to try to please everyone. It’s a lifetime old story and it does resurface- I’ve had several serious burnouts in the past . I need to be aware of my ” why” when I offer help or service and to be sure that it’s coming from genuine altruism and not harming me. This knowing when to give and that there will always be enough nourishes me perfectly.
    2. What do I need to release in relation to believing things should happen ” my way?
    #22-Blessed- this is right on! If I do things in fear and a need to control it’s because I am forgetting that it’s not by doing / giving/ directing or manipulation that God/Good comes into my life. It’s by offering my will to the Divine to use as per plan- not my plan but God’s. one of my favourite lines from A Course in Miracles is ” you need do nothing” – in order to be blessed. I just am. No conditions. I love the last line in the Guidebook ” accept the blessings given to you now, and don’t forget to share them”. When I let go and let God, I will naturally want to share the blessings I receive.
    3-what area of my life needs the most releasing?
    #7- To the Sea (P)-I again LOLd. So pertinent! So- I have to let go, trust that I needed over do or push myself beyond my limits. I need not live in ” FOMO” because I will not miss out on anything. I release my need to push against the tide. (Thank you, I always need reminding! I want to DO IT ALL!!!)
    4. Where do I need to focus to avoid burnout?
    #Observer- ahh yes. YCMTSU. When I am driven by anxiety of any kind, I am not centered , grounded , or tuned in to my Higher Power. The words from the guidebook which stand out are ” connect to the essence of your goals and aspirations while letting the form and timing be dictated by Spirit” and “trust Spirit”.
    If I truly listen within I KNOW what actions are right for me and which are fear or ego driven. Spirit will never ask me to give more than I am able.
    Brilliant! I love these questions, thank you so much.🥰

  • dawn riley says:

    I used the Enchanted Map, my reading made so much sense.
    Q#1 Balancing personal needs with the needs of others: #53 Listening -now is time to listen to what is being said, as well as what isn’t being said. an open heart will hear the message.
    Q#2 Releasing attachment to my way is the right way. #22 Intention Reversed – am I clear about my intention? (nope!) Time to step back and gain perspective and clarity about my direction, true motives and ambitions.
    Q#3 What area of my life needs the most releasing? #15 One Ring Circus Reversed -if I think the sun won’t rise without me , time to change. Recognize this is a fear based idea and only alienates others by taking away their right to participate. I seem to draw every deck’s version of the card. I work on it, and then slip back. Thank you for pointing this out Oracle & Aquarius full moon. 🙂
    Q#4 To avoid burnout focus on : #36 Commitment. – commitment to Spirit and the highest version of myself which will engage the highest version of others).
    These were such good questions for me at this time!
    My Crystal Spirits deck has arrived. I think it will enhance these full and new moon readings with the meditations for each stone that is included in the guide.

  • Just spent an hour with this. At first I was a little puzzled by my cards, but as I journaled about each, the messages became clear. They — once again! — brought home that I am leaking power and reminded me what I need to do to be all that I am divinely meant to be. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you, Colette, for this lesson as well as all the others you are so generously sharing with us. And thank you, Sharon Lair, for your comments! ❤️❤️❤️

  • OMG
    I did my personal reading this morning for the full moon and boy did it go along with what you told us in this reading!! I didn’t actually follow the questions. I did a meditation on what do I need to focus on during this time between the full moon and the new moon. I did a basic 3 card reading with WOTO and here it is!! (Got a jumper too)
    17- The Fates (protection)
    Be aware of my powerlessness to change certain situation. Surrender to acceptance. Hang in there, the only thing I can control is my attitude. Be mindful of what I can and cannot change and serenity will come. (I have been quite anxious)

    • Sorry, the rest of the comment kept getting kicked out. Maybe I’m supposed to concentrate on the first card!!!!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Colby Thank you for sharing. I used to hate receiving the Fates especially in Protection. I now look at it as a gentle nudge from Spirit to surrender and release attachment. Great share.

  • Sharon Lair says:

    This video (& PDF) are awesome. The Aquarius/Leo Full Moon will occur Thursday 8/15/19 at 8:35 am EDT, and Colette shared how important it is to focus on helping others as well as taking care of ourselves.
    The cards Colette drew are summarized below (please see Mary Elizabeth Babcock’s 8/11 post – or the PDF – for exact questions). Some of you have already posted your great spreads for the questions, but as the Full Moon gets closer, we’d love to hear from others how your cards blend with Colette’s, or if your own spread provided any aha’s. Or, how the full moon energy is impacting you.

    1. Regarding balancing personal needs & giving, Colette drew Between Worlds (#3 was a “jumper card”, so it was extra) and A Leg Up (#34 in protection). Together, these cards indicate the need to recognize and balance giving & self-care, and to understand we don’t have to do it all by ourselves.
    2. With respect to releasing attachment to “my way”, Exchanging Gifts (#27) indicates a need to talk with (not to or at) each other. It’s about the Law of Reciprocity – a give and take flow.
    3. Concerning releasing an area in your life, Yang (#1), directs us to release any excess or pent up energy. Avoid burn out – remember don’t overdo it.
    4. Re burn out avoidance, Colette drew Not for You (#6 in protection), which tells us not to chase after what isn’t ours, and to walk away from anything that feels like too much pressure.

  • Hi Colette,
    Love, loved this!

    From left to right in the photo. (All up right).
    1. How can I balance my personal needs with my need to give to others?
    By me being authentic, neutral, being comfortable in my own skin, feeling safe and secure. To better understand people, cultures, conditions and environments i’m engaged in now. Being at home in my space.
    2. What do I need to do to release my attachment to my way being the only right way? Radical honesty and transparency with others. Super clear communication to hear others truth and Proclaim my truth!
    3. What area of my life needs the most releasing?
    Freedom from attachment radical acceptance to feel peace and harmony.
    4. What do I need to focus on so I avoid burnout? Nurture my harmonious partnerships, love, friendships and companionship.

    Thanks! LP xox (click on pic to rotate it)

  • Love the new moon readings and great information! #1 I got #43 Deep knowing-protection Stay grounded, set boundaries and self care. Say no if needed. #2. #35 loyal Heart-Protection Let go of attachment to be right and learn a new perspective by being open to others way of being. And it ok to ask for insight. #3. #22 Blessed- What I need to most release is that I have to do it alone. I can count on Divine intervention and deeper connection with spirit to open up and remove obstacle. And be grateful and receive it as a blessing! #4.Observer in protection- to avoid Burnout see beyond my small self and be open to different perspective. it ok to ask others. What am I missing? what do you see? See how big the world is, and what are the other possibiltes I can find!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Connie,
      I love your final sentence, “See how big the world is…” perfect reminder of the infinite possibilities that await all of us. Thank you for sharing. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I loved this video , direction and pdf. My full moon spread indicated 1 q1- I can balance my needs and need to give to others by being myself. True and authentic. I am capable of co- creating all I need and more❤️I will remember to ground myself and meditate.
    To release my attachments, I need to look to the Angels for balance and ay attention to those being sent my way. And I need to pray🤗
    Interesting – I had a dream where a dragonfly literally dive bombed me awake from a dream. I believe that I may be seen as ignoring or missing some messages.

    Next/ I need to cleanse my energy field so that I can give and receive love.what resonated here was – love and prosperity are our natural birthright and are able to support one another. I need to release my need to control and or not see there as being enough. Release my hold and focus upon true abundance.
    To avoid burnout, I need to organize- get rid of clutter and make lists. Financial freedom from clutter is attainable when I work with spirit to de clutter and clarify an idea or basic plan. Journallingv- writing thoughts- all will help.
    I loved this !! And yes- I used my new crystal spirit deck.
    Why? It called to me- especially when I asked- in my highest good, what will my relationship be with this deck?

    • Kathryn Kay says:

      loved that Maryanne! i love the crystal oracle deck too! it speaks so clearly,

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Wow…I am saying that a lot today reading everyone shares of their spreads…I love how you wove this together. Thank you for sharing.

  • Terri Cohen says:

    My Full Moon spread in Aquarius was quite revealing and here are the 4 cards I chose:
    1. To balance my personal needs with my need to give to others, YIN #2 showed up. Now is the time to allow others to show you the way forward. By doing so, you empower others. That feels like a big relief for me now as I let the Universe show me the form.
    2. By allowing others to show me the way with Yin, NEW LIFE #39 says you now feel renewed and you can let your light shine. By releasing my attachment to my way or the highway, I know that my hopes and dreams are being fulfilled.
    3. BY THE BOOK IN PROTECTION, speaks to the area that needs the most releasing. With all the fire this month and the opportunities that New Life brings, By the Book (P) challenges me to the structures that are limiting my authentic progress. It also challenges me to focus on what I really want to achieve. It is a time for Transformation, so let go of the fear of change. It may not feel comfortable, but there is no turning back now. Trust that light will dawn.
    4. To avoid burnout, NO PLACE LKE HOME #50 says to keep reminding myself of being comfortable in my own skin. Focus on trusting yourself, claim your dignity and integrity, aspects no one can take away from you. Lastly, stand as the observer, seeing through the eyes of the soul.
    My message is to allow others to give to you and as you do, you help the whole. Get out of your own way and by doing so, you will transform. I can do this!!!!

  • Lisa Francis says:

    Here is what I pulled and my interpretation of it. All 4 of my cards were drawn in protection position (I checked the deck because I thought I might be holding it all upside down, but I wasn’t). So all 4 in protection.
    I pulled them all and then read them through one by one. In my journal, I started by writing >> Q1 #5 Orphaned in protection >>> I wrote >> I can balance my personal needs with my need to give to others by ; noticing my pattern for forming inappropriate alliances and then the accompanying pattern of abandonment AND by choosing to interrupt those patterns when I notice I am going that way : also, by letting life love me, then I can connect with others in a healthy way. Q2 #10 Unfinished Symphony in protection >> I can do the following to release my attachment to my way being the only : way : I can decide not to overthink things and become distracted : I can decide to stumble forward and trust that Spirit wants me to win : I can deliver and move beyond self-sabotage, I can that. Q3 #52 in protection >>> the area that needs the most releasing is : any pain or suffering around the loss of community or the end of significant friendships : It needs to be released and filled with the truth that even without those significant relationships IAM NEVER ALONE. Q4 #15 Message in a Bottle in protection >> I can avoid burnout by focusing on : seeing the red flags and knowing they really are red flags : I can pay attention to Spirit and the signs I get knowing that my highest and best interests are assured when I accept the signs and put my focus elsewhere.
    I thought that was a great card pull. Informative and helpful. WOTO is a wonderful oracle deck.

  • Lisa Francis says:

    Wow .. i stopped the video at 7:06 to scroll down and write holy moly .. I am an Aquarius with Leo moon and your words are hitting me deeply. Now back to watch the rest. Thank you .. I won’t fangirl all over you .. but wow you are incredible !!

  • Rena Ellis says:

    I did the four cards:
    1st card and question: Come to the Edge -(P) FEAR – False evidence appearing real. The fear is an illusion
    2nd card and question: Exchanging Gifts – # 27 Must give and take
    3rd card and question:Chop Wood -(P) Dreaming too much. Armchair astronaut. Start taking small actions towards goal.
    4th card and question – Orphaned (#5) (P) Shadow side abandonment.
    You will not be abandoned by the world if you claim yourself as whole.
    I felt WOTO was right on. I have been in FEAR over things that have not even happened. I feel in some ways I have lost my way ( especially with work). I have a lot of things swirling in my head but have not taken concrete action because nothing feels right. I am afraid of making a “mistake” again. I also do need to give and take more with others. Part of me feels I am suppose to do something with death and dying but again nothing has felt right with this. Colette if you have any comments I am open to suggestions. ( By the way I love your cards I have several decks!) I appreciate you weekly card readings and lessons. Thanks for all you do! Love, Rena

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Thank you for sharing your reading with all of us. Really great insights. I know for myself when Chop Wood has shown up if I pull a card asking for my next right action around Chop Wood it gives me a bit more information. ❤️

  • Mary Babcock says:

    This is such great info on the upcoming full moon in Aquarius! Here is the four-card spread we are using for this full moon in Aquarius that will require your attention for the next two weeks:
    1. How can I balance my personal needs with my need to give to others?
    2. What do I need to do to release my attachment to my way being the only right way? 3. What area of my life needs the most releasing?
    4. What do I need to focus on so I avoid burnout?
    If it resonates we invite you to share what shows up for you!

    • Judy MacLeod says:

      Loved the full moon reading and loved the additional information I received as well. The Water Faery floated into question 1 showing me my need to be fluid and to flow with my need to reach out while taking care of me. The Magician showed up in question 2 reminding me that my will and skill are limited. It is important to remember my connection to Spirit and to allow the magic to unfold. Question 3 was answered by Chrysocolla who reminded me to release the idea that silence is an option but to engage my words as they come from my heart. Question 4 summed up this moon reading by the card Why? in order to avoid burn-out. This is a perfect conclusion to a beautiful set of cards.

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