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Card Reading Invocation

This lesson is about meditation, vision journeys, and invocation prayers. I share the invocation prayer I use before card readings for myself and with others. I also share how you can use my prayer to personalize your own invocation to use before your readings.

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  • I can’t wait to start meditating. I love Collette’s voice. I always listen to the persons voice while I am doing the dishes and if the voice resonates with me while I am doing a task I hate, then I know I can sit, relax and sink deep into my meditation journey with that voice. I first heard Collette’s meditation voice on Youtube OraclePalooza 2019 and yes, standing at the sink doing dishes. When she went into her meditation voice I immediately knew her voice was the one for me. My legs went like jelly & I got goosey’s! P.S: My husband came to the kitchen when he heard her giving the meditation and now he walks up the stairs at bedtime reciting Collette’s words because I listen to it constantly and when I don’t he bugs me to put it on. ITS HILARIOUS!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Genevieve!

      Thank you for sharing. I completely agree that Colette’s meditations are the very best.
      Mary Elizabeth-Membership Maven
  • hi just did the meditation and had a giggle because my favorite fruit is Lemon I eat them like oranges have them all the time so there was no difference lol gota love it

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Card Reading Invocation Question – by Mary Elizabeth Babcock

    A meditation practice helps you to get into a calm and peaceful state which allows you to open your intuition. It keeps you in deeper conscious contact with your higher power. Meditation is not one size fits all. What meditation style or type works best for you?

    • OMG My monkey brain is in need of if it’s not part of me bwahahaha Some 50yrs ago whilst in the cast of HAIR the older hippies/writers of the play had us all meditating and practising what is now called mindfullness- great while I was in the show really weird when I tried it out on different cast members of different shows… so i stopped- then doing a movie w/Doug Henning part of our contract stimulated we had to ‘do’ TM twice a day– again on a different set folks thought I was crazy or flakey- now as I try in this part of my life the dawning realization of -if not now when-, I’m working at it again. I know I’ve identified my monkeys so now tj let’s get to work on relaxing lol Thanks for this timely reminder and oh how I love being able to re-access these videos wheeeee

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