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Manifesting Abundance The Art of Co-Creation

The Art of Co-Creation

Lately we hear the words manifest and co-create everywhere, but what do they really mean? I invite you to join me for a closer look at the art of co-creation!

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  • Karen Stair says:

    I love the book suggestions and the PDFs. I like to print the PDFs and write my reading results in the notes. I keep these with all my PDFs from Oracle School so I can go back and review. I definitely need the reviews for when I fall asleep at the wheel. LOL!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    The co-creation questions were enlightening for me. Celestite, The Dream Walker (C) & Clean it Up (P). Call on the angelic realm for they are always there & help me to balance & align myself with the Conscious Universe when co-creating & always. The Dream Walker in (C) was interesting to release the struggle, the Divine will lead you out of the bad dreams & into another much better one. I’m always influencing my reality through my thoughts & reactions to life’s challenges. This, too, shall pass. And Clean it Up (P), a hidden belief that may block my vision is that I have a need to relieve people of their burdens. I don’t need to be needed to be loved. Guess that one is still hanging on from the past. Now when doing co-creating I’ll know what to look out for. Thank you Colette & your whole staff that helps you.

  • Candlelight Cemetery Celebration
    The night before I drew I drew Sad Embrace and Goblins in protection. I knew i would be facing some folks at the ceremony the next day I hadn’t seen in a decade, they had been draining.

    And here we all were in the cemetery before the ceremony began. In that instance I took responsibility for my part understanding that this opportunity was in fact part of what I’d been working on w/meditation, these workshops but this, this I must have been working unconsciously t’wards this particular situation and now here it was my moment to…ahhh… let go… I forgave myself and them in a breathe with no need to discuss dissect..a breathe exhaled shoulders relaxed and all was good. In fact I was offered a really cool gig flowing with abundance…and a contract! My morning day of card was Unfinished Symphony and Never Ending story both in protection

    There i sat in the darkening cemetery. Having no idea of what has transpired over the years of this celebration I was as in the dark as the darkening sky.

    I had come to the cemetery in the morning. To be in the space to hear and listen to the space to play my new drum and sing in this sacred space. I was aware of the proclivity to organized religion but what i did know about the space and the time of it’s inhabitants was that perhaps not all were of this sort. Perhaps there beneath the birches beneath the tombstones could lie healers, witches, shamans, spirit talkers perhaps living in secret lives. These ancestors I wanted to connect with, to acknowledge them who ere they might be. This was a mixed race mixed religion cemetery. Perhaps the first in this part of the world. Those who’s stories might never be known as this sacred space has been bulldozed and vandalized over and over in the 100 plus years it was been here.

    I had an idea of my part but I had no idea of what my part was to be a part of. As you explained in the video Miz C it’s the essence…. The co-creating

    I stood before the collected and let the top of my head open to the Divine. Not sure exactly what happened lol but the essence was delivered and received.. I let go of my projections, my desired outcomes and allowed the co creating to happen. What a glorious ride. . Many thanks

  • Lisa Francis says:

    I just watched the video and have not yet pulled cards. Indeed the Catherine Ponder book is wonderful, I read and taught from it. Recently I had a vision that Colette and I went to meet Catherine Ponder together, I know it is quite the vision >> but it is possible because Catherine Ponder is alive. She is 92 and resides in Palm Desert. Now I will download the pdf for this lesson.

  • Corin Barnes says:

    I lost my husband to cancer at 52 almost 5 years ago. I was living in a small town and had to basically start over. I did not work during his illness and cared for him, our kids, and his family ( this included driving 150 mile M-F for radiation treatments and chemo for 9 months).
    After my husband died, I grieving and diagnosed with PTSD. I was lost because on top of all that my daughter moved to Montana and my youngest son left for college (Empty nest syndrome).
    The next 5 years I have been trying to figure out what is next… I drove from Oregon to Texas to live a couple years and decided to quit my job and drive back to live in Portland Oregon. I am trying to get a job and I have been working with my counselor to close that door in my past. Now that it has been 4 months and I have not gotten a job, I am noticing I am allowing stress about finances to creep in.
    When asking Spirit about question #3, I pulled Grasshopper Spirit, Scarab Beetle Spirit, and Peacock Spirt all in protection. I was reminded to continue “taking that leap of faith with Spirit to co-create,
    “Magic works through you (you are the creative manifesting type”, and “Let it shine”. Thank you Spirit!
    Grateful Colette ❤️

    • Mary Babcock says:

      I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing and I really love the cards you received. Leap of Faith is a mantra I repeat often.

  • Mary Babcock says:

    In this lesson we learned Co-Creation and Manifestation are about reality creation, but they come at it in two different ways:
    Co-creation is creating or manifesting by working with Spirit.
    Manifestation – Is bringing something from the invisible to the visible.
    We also learned that using Oracle Cards to help co-create with the Universe is about asking the right questions to get the answers that we need so we can stay in alignment with the intention we set.
    Our questions to remember are:
    1-What do I need to know about co-creation?
    2-What do I need to release to be in alignment with this intention?
    3-What hidden belief in me, may block me from manifesting _______?
    We invite you to share any questions, comments or thoughts as you explore this lessons questions.

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