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Manifesting Abundance The Art of Co-Creation

Manifesting Abundance

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You’re always hearing about manifesting and co-creating, but how do you do that? Did you know that you can use Oracle Cards to manifest your intentions? In this video lesson, I talk about how to begin co-creating your magical life with Oracle Cards!


  • This was very helpful! Thank you Colette. I have NO idea what it is I want to accomplish in regards to my career, all I know is I want to make an impact in the lives of others. Time to really get clear!!! 💗💗💗

    • Hello Victoria – So happy that this resonated with you. Often times I find exactly the steps I need when I am able to step away and allow myself to be that clear vessel.

      Jeanette – Membership Mavens


    • Diana Davis says:

      This video is incredible! I love it! Thank you X3

      • Hello Diana – Yes it’s amazing!

        Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • My greatest opportunity comes from letting go of form – and an attachment to what I think it ( the outcome) is supposed to look like. It’s my biggest Teacher. I’ve been on such a long path of trying to control outcomes, trying to control what I do to get a result, that I’m crystal clear its not working and I’m ripe for change. So I look forward to doing the work of getting neutral, cleaning house and releasing the result. Doing so would be a big growth spurt.

    • That is a really great observation Christy and right in line with the cycle and intention of the coning New Moon in Leo. <3

  • Awesome video reminding me about manifesting (co-creating) with Oracle Cards. Lately my daily readings have been indicating that I am on the verge of manifesting my true purpose for being on this physical plane. Today’s cards (Anchor: # 15 the Spider -WOA – creative projects, and Next right action: #13 Eostre – GPO – New Beginnings) are no different. I felt something was missing and asked for clarification when I came across this lesson. The step that eluded me was #4: Releasing the form. Thanks for your ongoing support!

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Manifesting Abundance – Mary Elizabeth Babcock

    The key to manifesting is to release the idea of how it will look and focus on how it feels. Using the four steps of manifesting how have you been able to release the form and focus on how it feels?

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Sharon Lair (Discussion reply) to Mary’s question. . .
      This was a great video full of insights. Great example of how Olympic athletes visualize the goal already accomplished – and the feeling. And this is typically how it works for me, although honestly it took awhile to actually “get into the feeling” when I first started studying. Now I find it easier to release the outcome (long with getting “neutral”) before drawing my card(s) – so there’s no attachment or judgement on my part.

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