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Card Meanings with WOTO Special Card Spreads

Special Card Spreads

In this video, I explain what an Oracle Card spread is and different types of card spreads.

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  • OS Alum and former Mentor here. This was a very good refresher. I do keep the PDFs for reference material also. Looking forward to the coming lessons.Thank you

  • Fabulous information to work with and to keep moving forward 💜

  • How do we approach using the information from multiple spreads – such as the Full Moon spread, the Weekly Oracle Guidance (from Colette’s YouTube) and our own daily spreads? Do they layer together? Thanks.

    • Yes Christy you can can layer together your spreads. All of Colette’s cards are meant to work together to tell a story. Please note that Post Cards from Spirit works all by itself .

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Special Card Spreads Question by Mary Elizabeth Babcock

    There is a variety of card spread options you can use to work with oracle cards. After trying a few of the spreads we invite you to share your experiences with each spread.

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