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Card Meanings with WOTO Special Card Spreads

Card Meanings with WOTO

In this lesson, I use my most comprehensive deck, The Wisdom of the Oracle, to talk about how to work with Oracle Cards, card meanings, and using the guidebook to deciper those meanings.

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  • Yoko Suzuki says:

    True divination is prescriptive and enables us to get in touch with my power to choose and create a different story!! Your words are exactly what I wanted to hear today after a bit of upsetting event.
    Decided to take the second round for the personal mastery this year, too.
    Looking forward to the amazing and exciting journey ahead in a such a caring community 💞

  • Having Colette give insights with WOTO is the icing on the cake. WOTO is a rich deck and I love to hear her explanations and perspective with all. I never tire of the beautiful artwork and symbology 💜 Can we have more please!

  • So beautifully explained, you make it make so much sense.
    Thank you 🙏

  • Colette, thank you for making this fun and easy and WONDERFUL. I truly love you. 🙂

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Card Meanings with WOTO – Question by Jeanette Peters

    As you look through the WOTO deck, at all the beautiful cards, is there one that resonates with you? If so, what drew you to it?

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