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WOTO Deck Overview

This lesson focuses on the Wisdom of the Oracle deck (WOTO), how it came to be, and the inspiration behind the deck. In this deck introduction, I review the card meanings that are available for each card in the guidebook, and I also share background on the symbolic imagery that my creative partner and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia and I chose.

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  • Stacy Ryan says:

    WOTO was my first Oracle Deck, and I absolutely love it! I think I’m drawn to the whimsical artwork, as well as the multiple meanings for each card. In using these cards (almost) daily for the past several months, I can honestly say I’ve seen only a fraction of them appear in my readings. And when I DO get something different, it is SPOT ON! I look forward to continuing my journey with this deck!

    • Hello Stacy – There is a unique richness to WOTO. I am constantly kept on my toes every time I pull a card.

      Blessings 💫
      Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • Rose Romani says:

    love using WOTO daily, really liked the meaning on the Co. create card of the leopard spots an AHA moment, very helpful.:-)

  • Thank you for this inside look at how the WOTO deck came into being. My inner geek/nerd girl loves the behind the scenes stuff. I’m totally the girl watching the behind the scenes stuff at a concert as much as I am enjoying the concert. It’s fascinating to me how something is birthed. I like the in depth explanations. It will help me in getting more in touch with the cards. Hmm, I don’t think I have a favorite WOTO deck card but I’m enjoying seeing others explanations of their favorites.

  • Tara Kochie says:

    This deck has become my daily partner, I really enjoy them all.

  • The animal shown in the Co-Create card is a Cheetah, not a Leopard 😉

  • After listening to the deck overview of some of the WOTO cards, I’d love to listen to two hours of descriptions and meanings. One of my favorite cards is ‘Blessed’. Also, even when I don’t receive this card for the day I often choose to receive it as I go thru the day. I am blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Watching the video and learning about the process of the co-creation of this magnificent Oracle Card deck – including the and artwork and messages – was totally fascinating. What is your favorite WOTO card, and what stands out in the artwork and/or message for you?
    For me it’s #34 – A Leg Up. I love Spirit watching over mama polar bear who patiently allows her cub to climb on her back, and I really like the message of “interdependence” and support. How about for you?

    • Thanks Sharon. My favorite card from WOTO is # 50 No Place Like Home. It provides a sense of warmth and security. That no matter what happens I have a safe place to be. The open front door and sparkling lights remind me of a fairy door. Just magic.

      • Sharon Lair says:

        Absolutely LOVE that visual Jeanette, and #50 No Place Like Home is one of my favorite cards too.

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