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Wisdom of Avalon Deck Overview

In this video, I’m going to introduce you to my first deck, The Wisdom of Avalon! I’ll tell you a little about how this deck came to be, and talk about my inspiration for creating it.

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  • Diana Evers says:

    Still love this deck! And the book, Mist of Avalon!

    • Hello Diana, yes this is definitely one of my favorite decks. I actually just bought this book for a friend. Amazing synchronicity 💗

      Jeanette Membership Mavens
  • Stacy Ryan says:

    I’ve only used Oracle Cards for a short while (got the WOTO deck for Personal Mastery). I was a little nervous about getting more decks for Shared Wisdom, but The Wisdom of Avalon deck quickly calmed my fears. After watching this video, reading the guidebook intro and blessing my cards, I asked What I needed to know today for my highest good. The Answer was #5 – The Novice! So excited to be continuing my journey with an open mind, an open heart, and a new partner in Spirit.

    • Hello Stacy – Thanks so much for sharing your experience. The Wisdom of Avalon was my first deck, so it holds a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see what else opens for you on your journey!

      Blessings 💫
      Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • Hi Folks!
    This set of lessons just became available to me! I had to chime in and say that The Wisdom of Avalon was also my first of Colette’s decks ( followed shortly thereafter by all of the other published ones, LOL) . I read Mists of Avalon many years ago and it completely enchanted me, so this deck was a perfect fit with who I am. Love the idea of intros like you’re doing here, thank you!

  • I am 3/4 of the way through the book The Mists of Avalon and it helps me to understand the characters and meanings of the cards in the deck . Love the Wisdom of Avalon . Thank you fir creating it Colette.

    • I love this book and this deck really does draw the characters out and tie things together. <3 Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for this behind the scenes look at how this deck was created. I’m gobsmacked as to why this deck resonates for my sweetheart and me after watching the deck. Of course! 🙂 He’s more into tarot and I’m into the oracle cards. This is the perfect deck for the two of us as it combines a bit of both. It’s always the deck that says “pick me!” when I do a reading for the two of us. This is our love relationship deck as I like to call it. The messages have been spot on throughout the course of relationship thus far.

  • very interesting and as I’ve come to expect: informative and fun. Thx

  • Dawn Colombo says:

    I have both version of this deck. Yes, a bit of fomo was involved. Lol
    I love all of Colette’s deck. When asked about decks and what ones are a good place to start. I always say Colette’s decks. Can’t go wrong with any of them. Thank you, Thank you! Colette.

  • WENDY Fuller says:

    I love the history ;;;;thx. I have this deck also 🙏🏼

  • Totally love your current artist for all the other decks! SO gorgeous and really speak to me

  • Shane Fruth says:

    So nice to hear your history on the different decks. I have most of your decks including this one. xx

  • Having taken the Wisdom of the Oracle classes and having gotten several more of your decks, I was drawn to start working with Avalon. Really like this deck!

  • Love this deck. Always gets right to the core of what I need to look at in my life. I must read The Mists Of Avalon now

  • I realized. I have all your decks. I did not use them at first but now everyday I use Wisdaom of the Oracle, the Goddess deck the animal spirit and the shaman deck. I love them all

  • This is the first deck I bought after seeing Colette at Messages From Spirit in Toronto. Seeing and hearing the messages Colette gave to other people in the audience required a change in my belief system. I saw an emotional healing for everyone who received a message from Spirit thru Colette. It was extraordinary. And me? I ended up going to Oracle School. The card I aspire to is The Lady of the Lake. Thank you Colette and Team and OS Friends. 🙏

  • Lisa Francis says:

    That is such a great video. I am just getting to know this deck. I used it for the first time on the evening of June 6th, 2019 in San Diego. The first card I pulled after a long long shuffle smoosh shuffle was #1 The Merlin. Then after I finished being amazed by that message a card slid toward me and so I turned it over and it was #52 The Mystery. Needless to say, I feel the magic and I look forward to using the deck more over the years. It is a keeper. I loved the story of how it came to life, a terrific video.

  • I use this deck way more now then when I started Personal Mastery. I use the app more than the physical deck and yes, it’s very accurate. I just used these in tandem with TGT to do my personal year 5/1st quarter forecast. I’m so glad to hear there were some similarities with tarot because I felt that and pairing them felt right! Love hearing the history behind the decks.

    • Mary Babcock says:

      I loved hearing the similarities too. My favorite deck is TGT and it made sense to me why I resonate with WOA too! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ellen Irvine says:

    This is a special deck for me. It was my first deck that I purchased of Colette’s decks. I love it so much. I have read all of the books in the series of the Mists of Avalon and I work with the Ancient Celtic Spirits. I have a great affinity to the Arthurian mythology and this deck truly spoke to me. Thank you Colette for bringing this deck to the world.
    Many Blessings.

    • Mary Babcock says:

      This is my first deck too! I love the novel Mists of Avalon.
      This and The Good Tarot are my go to decks! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Colette. It’s so inspiring to know the background and intent of your Oracle Cards. I love Wisdom of Avalon because its messages are read in the upright position. I find the Spirit in the deck to be very powerful and accurate. I love its ancient feeling when I hold the deck and feel connected to ancient spiritual wisdom. I seem to remember you mentioning that you may re-create? or update this deck. Wondering if that’s in the works?

  • This is a special deck as it is the first deck that Colette created. It is a great beginners deck as it contains a softer approach with its lexicon. Do you have a favorite card from this deck that stands out?
    Mine is #2 The High Priestess – Connecting in with my higher intuition and feminine power.

    • Mary Babcock says:

      The card that most resonates with me is The Lady of the Lake. She is Truth and courage…
      The Lady of the Lake represents the highest order of respect for yourself and the manner in which you operate within the world around you. She is the harsher element of truth, where denial is swept away by a tidal wave of events.

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