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The Good Tarot Deck Overview

In this video, I will be sharing a little about my deck The Good Tarot.

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  • Mary Babcock says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for your understanding while the tech elves battled with Mercury Retrograde! The PDF download link is working!
  • Rose Romani says:

    #techie issue, I could download all the other cards pdf. but Good tarot wont download as a pdf. it downloads with an internet explorer symbol and says html document, please help if you can?

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    I hope you do another Good Tarot Card class. Loved your explanation today. I got 4 of Air. The Good Tarot kindly said to rest my mind & stop with the business to get more clarity. I have plenty of time to be quiet but I stay busy & am not getting anywhere. My mind is feeling tired & my body too. It seems I am feeling the resistance to resting is leaving & accepting where I am is OK & right where I should be. Thanks to all in Oracle Circle!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Kathryn!

      I will pass your request for another Good Tarot class! I love how the 4 of Air showed up for you…really cannot make this up. Thank you for sharing.❤️
  • Rose Romani says:

    Typed a comment then it disappeared!!9 of earthStay disciplined and focussed on the work I began long ago. Stick to the programme(O.S.) everything is unfolding exactly as Spirit intended.

  • Rose Romani says:

    My card was 9of earthSo today I need to know” I can rely on Spirit and myself.Stay disciplined and focussed on completing the work. . Trust that the plan is unfolding exactly as Spirit intended.I do like the Good Tarot although find larger cards more challenging to shuffle. So I dmmt use them very often.

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Rose!

      Thank you so much for sharing your card and it’s message with us all! A bit of a cledon for me too. I totally understand the challenge of handling so many cards!
  • Hi Dear Colette, Mary, and AllFirst I’d like to say that I have loved this deck from its’ birth. It makes sense to me, it is clear, straightforward , and stunningly beautiful. I’ve only ever felt drawn to two Tarot decks and this are this one and another that works also by intuition and positivity. I drew Hermit today because I have been in action – travelling and visiting , hosting and tourist guiding for the past 3 weeks. Today- I am a cozy hermit looking inward, and so glad of it!!!

  • Dearest Colette, I have been reading tarot for 30 years and I LOVE this deck. Can you please, please think about opening up the Good Tarot class that taunts me every time I log into Oracle School!!! Lol! Thank you from the bottom of my needy heart….. Rachel Ann

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Rachel!

      I will pass along your request! I love this deck too! Thank you for sharing and your request to have a class!
  • Ellen Irvine says:

    Very nice to hear the background and the depiction of the cards in the “Good Tarot” deck. Thank you Colette.

    • Mary Babcock says:


      It was really interesting to learn the background of TGT! Thank you for sharing…and yes this is my favorite deck!
  • Mary Babcock says:

    In this lesson we learned The Good Tarot is all about goodness and birthing our awareness of our true self but does not shy away from the truth of our sufferings. The deck was created to find solutions, choose directions, and gain understanding of any situation for the highest good of all. The Good Tarot can be used for single, three card or multiple-card spreads. We invite you to use the single card pull and ask “What do I need to know today for my highest good?” and if you are called to do so share in this thread the card you received.

    • dawn riley says:

      Is there a Good Tarot Card deck online? The art we glimpsed in the video was very enticing. 🙂

      • Mary Babcock says:

        Hi Dawn,

        The Good Tarot is available as an app in the Apple Store. The art work is amazing as is the deck. Mary Elizabeth -Membership Maven.

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