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Coffee Talk September 2019

Watch the replay of the live Coffee Talk with Colette from September 15th. In this live chat, Colette began with a guided meditation and then did readings for some of the Oracle Circle members in attendance.


  • Re-listening to replay again. So love your visual meditations and everything talked about is so on spot for me today. Bless you so much!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Annette!

      The replays are amazing!
      And yes Colettes meditations are wonderful!
      Mary Elizabeth-
      Membership Maven
  • I am a little behind in the Circle but I have to tell you I am enjoying this venue. I just discovered Marco Polo with a distance friend and it is a hoot. They are little video chats that just connects you immediately even if the person hasn’t viewed it. Thanks, Collette.

    • Thanks Eva! I have used the Marco Polo one too and it really is easy and fun to use. Glad you are enjoying these. πŸ˜€

  • Awe, I keep missing these but have put the next one my calendar for October. Looking forward to it live. Took me a few minutes to settle into it but enjoyed the meditations and full replay. Yes, cledons showed up for me too. Thank you to my fellow oraclers for sharing and acting as the cledon. πŸ™‚

  • Diana Evers says:

    I’m so glad I listened to this call today! Many Cledons. Glad to be a part of Oracle Circle!

  • Fabulous call, such a safe place to share, my box released energy- however I think all the cards related to this Thank you πŸ™

  • Suzan Walker says:

    Loved the replay of Coffee Talk ~ thank you Colette & Anna! I’m playing catch up today on Oracle School πŸ™‚ loving it all! How do we find out about date October “coffee talk”?

  • Rose Romani says:

    Loved this video, hearing about your parents and grandparents journey and inspiration!

  • Judy MacLeod says:

    Dear Colette, Thank you for pulling my cards just before 11:00. What you said made so much sense and I loved that feeling never enough was just Not for “Me”. I worked with these messages and while on the way the dentist kept reciting I am enough, my teeth are enough and anything else I could affirm. Great great appointment! Thank you for raising the bar for my thoughts!!!xoxox

  • Just watched the call. All I can say is amazing, amazing, amazing. Thank you.

  • Melody James says:

    Was just able to watch the replay and all I can say is, ‘WOW”! What a powerful video. Thank you to Colette and Anna for such an amazing time!.

  • I am so thankful I join this member site, What an amazing call! I got cledons and such wisdom from each brave person who opened up !!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Connie!

      We are so glad you are here too! It was an amazing call! I too had several cledons!
      Mary Elizabeth
    • Mary Babcock says:

      Hi Connie!

      We are so glad you are here too! It was a great call and I too had many cledons!
      Mary Elizabeth
  • Wow, that was a fabulous call. Cledons everywhere for me. And that full moon was indeed a big one! Whew! Felt like a hurricane hit me! Things are much calmer and more grounded now. Time to make some plans and move forward on some things.

    Many thanks to Colette and Anna, and all the participants and staff!
    Love Theresa

  • Colby thompson -wow. I would love a copy of your book? Can i preorder ?
    Great coffee chat

  • hi Colette and Anna. you both look fantastic! sorry i missed you. we have a new grandbaby 9/11/19. and oh the amazing syncronicities and blessings from Source that came together !! sending love ! Dee. have fun skydiving πŸ˜€

  • Hi Colette sorry can’t make coffee as it is midnight here and a bit late for me, enjoy πŸ’•

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