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Coffee Talk March 2020


Watch the replay of the live Coffee Talk with Colette from March 1, 2020.


  • Thank you Colette, so happy you are feeling better. I LOVED the whole call, great conversations. I resonated a lot to them. Am loving this community you have created. Thank you again. Looking forward to your next deck. Have an amazing week. xx

    • Hello Helen – Thank you for the well wishes. I agree this call held a lot of cledons for everybody. I can say personally I am working through everything we learned on Sunday. What a magical community this truly is.

      Jeanette Membership Mavens
  • Love this Community!!! and yes Colette please craft cards for children and for teens to navigate the teenage years. In Gratitude, lorelei

    • Hello Lorelei – This community is truly amazing. There is a lot of compassion and gratitude flowing here. You will see more decks coming from Colette and you never know which direction Spirit will guide her.

      Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • Kim Thompson says:

    Hoping someone can help me. I was on the Coffee Talk with Collette this morning and she removed me from the call instead of disconnecting me. Now I can’t get back on because I was removed by the host. Anyone on the call who can ask her to let me back in?

    • Mary Babcock says:

      Oh gosh Kim I just found this. So sorry that happened. The recording of the call will be up tomorrow. Again our apologies.

      Mary Elizabeth
      Membership Maven
  • Mary Babcock says:

    Coffee Talk with Colette is Sunday March 1st at 10am eastern. We hope to see you there!

    • Rachel Lewis says:

      Thank you Colette, Marc, Anna and Mavens! Caught this on the replay – cledons. Definitely needed to listen to this as been outa sorts – the past week, lol

      • Mary Babcock says:

        Hi Rachel!

        Thank you for sharing. I am so glad you were able to watch the replay.
        Mary Elizabeth -Membership maven

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