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Coffee Talk June 2019

Watch the replay of the live Coffee Talk with Colette from June 23rd. This live chat begins with a grounding exercise before Colette does an Oracle Card reading for everyone watching, and then answers questions submitted by Oracle Circle members.


  • Susan Walker says:

    Hi, I’ve just joined your membership site and am really enjoying looking back at the Coffee Talks on repeat.So informative and joyful.Thank you xx

    • Hello Susan and welcome. I just adore the coffee talks as well. Don’t forget to look around the rest of the site. There are a lot of gems in here.

      Blessings 💫
      Jeanette – Membership Mavens
  • I didn’t get to see this live, but have watched the replay twice now. I love Marc and Colette’s interactions – good fun. I also learned something new each time I watched. I love this! Thank you!

  • Finally got to watch this thanks it was amazing
    Hopefully I’ll be on live in the future 🔮

  • I love the coffee talks…only listened to first one…loved the meditation. My progressed moon is in Cancer – yes, I am taking Stars and Cards.
    The 6 card reading and how to weave the story using 2 cards from each deck is fun and I look forward to trying it. I tend to use the same deck whichever one I choose when reading for myself and others…I have all of your decks. After taking Personal Mastery and Shared Wisdom multiple times each…I feel ready for this exploration. I think it’s a brilliant idea to continue the learning and expansion of how to work with Oracle Cards in these smaller videos where I am ready for new ways but also serves as a review of what I have learned. I loved the playfulness of you and Mark working together. He is a hoot and could easily be a partner in this new venue…just sayin. Love and much thanks, Eva

  • Diana Evers says:

    Listening today and so much resonance!

  • Sharon Lair says:

    Coffe Talk with Colette – (Comments from Discussion Page)
    By Jeanette Peters Jun 06, 2019

    Coffee Talk with Colette is Sunday Jun 23, 2019 at 10 am Eastern Time. We invite you to use this space to ask Colette questions you may have about what you have learned in the weekly lessons.

    Reply from Laurie Schryver:
    I always refer to the Guidebook first, but I think there is much significance in the artwork also. And when I went through lessons in Oracle School, I always wrote down information when Colette referred to specific cards. That’s very helpful.

    Reply from Maria Ramirez:
    Didn’t get to see this live, but I think it’s awesome that Marc participated with you on this segment. More and more I try to learn the value of doing the reading without depending on the guidebook, but being a newbie it is more of a comfort that I’m reaching the right message. Just interrupted the video to get this out since I couldn’t be part of the poll. Wanted to say this is really good and I hope to be tuned in your next coffee talk.

    Reply from Colby Thompson:
    Hi Colette and Marc!!! I didn’t get to see Coffee Talk live this morning!!! But I’m loving it!!! And if I were to take the poll, I would say “Loving It”!!!! I always go over lessons in Oracle School and the Membership is just adding to the info!!! I’m really looking forward to going to the next level of OS this year!!! Love you Colette, you have changed my relationship with Spirit and thus my life!!!

    Reply to Maria from Sharon Lair:
    Hi Maria. Agree with Jeanette, there’s so much rich information. Honestly, I use the Guide Book every day, and been doing this for years. Seems like there’s always a line or phrase that jumps out as significant for the “current” circumstance (even when I know the cards and their meaning intimately).

    Reply from Laurie Schryver:
    I love this idea that was brought up – really focusing on a card and the message it wants to send. Going beyond the Guidebook, but definitely still using the GB as the starting point. I am fascinated with the imagery, symbols, color choices, etc. of the cards. I think there is much there to investigate. Is anyone else interested in diving deep into this – with WOTO? Maybe starting with #1 Yang and posting your insights after meditating? Possibly one card a week?

    Reply from Mary Elizabeth Babcock to Laurie:
    I love this idea Laurie!

    Reply from Laurie Schryver to Mary Elizabeth Babcock:
    OK, Mary Elizabeth. I’m going to work on Yang this week.
    I’ll post what I “get.” Hope others do too.

    Reply from Jeanette Peters to Colby:
    Hello Colby thanks for the feedback and for saying yes to yourself. <3

    Reply from Sharon Lair to Laurie:
    Great idea Laurie. If you haven’t already watched Colette’s deep dive Lesson into WOTO, you might want to take a look at it. She describes a number of the cards from WOTO in great detail – adding whole new insights. (It’s in the Deck Overview Lesson)
    WOTO Deck Overview

    Reply from Jeanette Peters to Maria:
    Hello Maria I am so happy to hear your feedback. The guidebook is so rich with information its a wonderful tool to use with every reading <3

  • A wonderful way to spend an hour. I love learning and teaching, so
    this inspires to both things. Colette is a marvelous teacher, I learn so many new things by listening her. Thank you for your love to us, I love OS with all of my heart.

  • Hi Colette and Marc – I was able to catch this today as a replay. LOVED IT. Really enjoyed the seaweed meditation and the interaction between you two was great to watch. I’m keen to jump into meditating on cards as a way to get to know them deeper. Thank you so much. Loves ya both xx

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