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Coffee Talk July 2019

Watch the replay of the live Coffee Talk with Colette from July 21st.  In this live chat, Colette gave a sneak peek at her new Crystal Spirits Oracle Card deck and did readings for some of the Oracle Circle members in attendance.


  • Nadine Moore says:

    I think it was this video, Colette answered a question, about how to interpret a positive card, for a negative question. my question was, what weeds do I need to pull from the soil in my field of dreams? I drew ,happy happy # 26Awesome card, but not sure where to start for my question . Or am I overthinking. No weeds?! Lol

    • Thanks for sharing Nadine, don’t you just love all the pearls Colette mentions in these Coffee Talks? Here in the Membership site there is no “mentoring” on the cards or questions. This site is full of so much wonderful information to add to your toolbox. ❤

      • Nadine Moore says:

        can you guide me where to ask the question? I asked in my house 1st and the mentor suggested here where i heard about it. thank you

      • Hello Nadine! There is a coffee talk scheduled with Colette on Sunday. Lets put it in the Que for then.

  • Dearest Colette, today was my first chance to watch. As a PM & OS alumni, former PM mentor, and OP2019 attendee, I have learned so much from you. You never stop amazing me. The growth and change in me is beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. I am a whole new me, and at almost 64yrs old I AM growing! Thank you to you, Anna, Doug and the entire OS team. Please keep doing what you do. I hope to continue with you all for a very long time. p.s. I also use crystals in my healing work with humans and animals.
    Love & Light
    Claudia Kroll

    • Thank you for your kind words Claudia from the whole OS Team. Your experience is very touching. Keep on with your work. <3

  • Wow wow wow
    Thank you for the replay
    I got so much from this
    1st pearl and biggest
    You used my words (my marriage) so difficult, as I’ve Up levelled to be more open with my inner wisdom,.
    I have been so frustrated as to where hubby is at.
    (way way behind it’s felt.
    Colette you clarified it Actually you nailed it.👍
    He said only last night He’s catching up, and gave me the biggest hug 🤗 (with words)
    He told me he’s watch and I’m living proof this type of learning works!
    He also said I do see things prior to them happening.
    I have been waiting 2 years for him to catch up and on saying this he’s not a puppy 🐶 but he’s still an adolescent doggie 🐶 BLESS HIM
    It was such a relief to here I can’t stop where I’m going and we will be ok even if at time we are on different pages.
    Thank you my tribe
    Bless you all

    All the live call had an impact on me the coffee catch up wow

  • Thank you all. This was a lovely coffee talk.

  • Alicia Nardo says:

    I finally watched the replay tonight and thought it was fantastic! I’ve missed these live calls with Colette, they always bring so much joy to my heart. And the cledons! So many I needed to hear 😊. Congratulations Mary Elizabeth, Jeanette, and Sharon on your new positions. I love to see how everyone continues to grow here in OS and the membership site couldn’t be in better hands. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing tribe and look forward to diving deeper into the site! ❤️

    • Sharon Lair says:

      So true Alicia, and thanks for the recognition for Mary Elizabeth, Jeanette and yours truly. We’re absolutely thrilled to be part of this incredible Tribe, and you’re so right about Coffee Talk and the specialness of sharing time with Colette!

  • Live calls and readings are amazing for all. It is often when we are listening and observing others that spirit shows us a message that’s for us too🤗
    You continue to supply us with a place of love- safety and authenticity. You help give us tools and new perspectives to move forward or inward. Thank you for this tribe and this place where you light our way every day.
    Love and light to all

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Thanks so much Maryanne. That’s so true and we’re all so happy to be here sharing in this incredible experience together. Well said!

  • Kathryn Kay says:

    Finally got to listen to the replay. These get togethers always put a smile on my face & lift my spirits.
    Love this membership page! The info, the lessons, & especially the readings.
    Can’t wait to get the crystal deck next week!

    • Mary Babcock says:

      So happy you were able to watch the replay and are loving the membership site! I am counting the days until my deck arrives too!

  • t’was great sorry I missed it live but your camera/sound folk captured the very essence of you and your callers. The new deck looks entrancing… the addition of your three magic mavericks- inspiring. til next time with much gratitude

  • Hi everyone, I just watched the replay today. Life is busy and I’m so glad I found time for this one! There were so many cledons for me, so thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can really resonate with your coffee talk, the readings, the format and sharing more on how you created your decks, Colette. So wonderful. I am really resonating with still having my middle name as “Rebirtha” (lololol!) and I am birthing some bigger things these days. More concrete forms. And as I embrace them, I am stepping into the unknown, and stepping up to bat, at the same time. I really feel that my connection to this tribe is giving me the boost I am looking for and continually need, in order to continue to shine my own light, and empower others to do their thing. You anchor me in my Faery-land of infinite possibilities! Much love to all of you! I look forward to the next one! I love the new deck!

  • Amber Gibson says:

    OMG! I love this format and forum. I just watched the replay. This made me laugh and cry. I just love all of you and all of the messages that always come through.

    The Crystal Oracle Deck is beautiful! I’m so excited to get mine in the mail next week. 🙂

    Thank you so much for everything that you all do to make this happen and to provide a place for us to call home. Much love and many thanks.


    PS. Is there a specific time each month for these calls or are they announced month to month? I'm so sorry I missed it live.

  • Watched the replay, I love the inspiration and guidance that I am receiving from this cool Coffee Talk idea. Colette and Anna are like two close friends who care so much for humanity and those of us seekers. I learn so much from the chosen members and their readings and invariably I gain something too.
    I feel the LOVE and am inspired to know that I am not alone with the crazy meanderings of my mind. The ego is not going away but I can change my perspective.
    I love the idea of providing a venue for those who may not have the money to join Oracle School to learn about the wisdom the cards/Oracle provide. I am always impressed with Colette’s generosity.
    This venue feels more intimate than Facebook Lives with their annoying chats and hearts and what-not which are very distracting to me. In contrast, I really feel the love here. Even though I know that promoting Oracle School is important, this experience doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.
    I enjoy learning about the moon spreads and the use of multiple cards from different decks. I think I would like to see meditations added to the mix. Just Colette leading us in a meditation on different themes like those touched on from today’s readings: feeling worthy, to take risks, to know who we really are, to heal relationships, to be confident in ourselves, to know we can only change how we be in the world. It can be in a separate talk/only meditation module maybe in-between the other offerings.

    Maybe even focusing on one card and its possible meanings would be a practical way to experience the powerful knowledge in one card – you did a similar thing with the Good Tarot featuring single cards in a particular suit – don’t know if that’s possible with Oracle Cards but each card is so special and would be wonderful to give it its just do – does that make sense?

    Also, I participated in Stars and Cards, and it would be nice if we could continue to dabble with that in this venue.
    Thank you lovely Mavens for listening and congratulations on your new adventure.

    • Thank you Eva for your lovely words and insightful feedback. This is very helpful as we explore this new format. <3

  • I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing Tribe! God Bless, Colette, Doug and Anna! And Marc, too! Congratulations to the beautiful Membership Mavens!
    Love to all!
    Jackie Roos

  • Oh my goodness- yjcmtsu- I missed the I’ve coffee with Colette . I tuned into the replay and – of course- all three individuals were chosen with 3 queries in my life. All of the messeges resonated in varying ways and really helped me to “ see from a new perspective”. I let be Oracle circle / but especially the live calls!!! I can’t thank you and all the amazing Tribe here for helping me to rise up and recognize So much magic surrounding me. Words cannot express the gratitude and love that are reflected back to all .
    Still learning and light oking forward to more. Looking for the courses in sept and to continuing this amazing journey.
    Thanks so much again!!!!!

    • I have so many typos apu. Love oracle circle! Looking forward to more learning – someday I will be able to type more coherent messages!!! Looking toward manifesting meeting you guys in person❤️

      • Sharon Lair says:

        And Maryanne, that’s exactly why these Coffee Talks are so invaluable. There were 3 separate times you heard a “cledon” – message for someone else that completely resonated with you as well. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Karen Stair says:

    I’m so excited about the crystal deck! I immediately pre-ordered it when I saw how amazing it was. The readings were so spot on, especially the ones about the relationship and writing. I really needed to hear that so I could just relax.

  • Lyne Genier says:

    I needed to hear a few messages from Spirit!!! You delivered them!
    First…goût and Keto. I’m there …trying to eliminate candida and parasites and mega inflammation through Keto. But it’s feeding the gout!!!
    Back to the drawing board for me. I’ll figure it out! Spirit guides me!!!💖👏🏻
    Then Colette saying shine in spite of felling little and unsure!!! Let ego have its thing and just shine!!! Big HAHA moment!!! Thank you
    THANK YOU,!! Universe is always there!!!

    • Sharon Lair says:

      Ah Lyne, thanks so much for sharing your Aha’s with us. That’s exciting you were able to benefit from what Spirit had to say through Colette!

  • Hi guys, I just watched the replay of the live call. So good to see everyone, the Crystal deck is beautiful – will definitely be added to my wise council. What a great place to be. Hope to see you at the next call. I love my tribe!

  • This site is wonderful! I can feel all the love and togetherness
    during these Live calls. And Colette is more beautiful than ever! A big warm hug for you all,
    Thanks for being here <3.

  • Lorna Pinder says:

    Wow so many cledons. Especially Jessicas cards xx Made me feel very normal and that i am not going mad and the uplevelling made so much sense. Wow thank you xx

  • Gail Miller says:

    Oh how I have missed this circle of LOVE! So good to connect back IN and FEEL each you. Thank you for hosting this xoxoxo I love you!

  • Good to see you all again❤️🤗 crystal deck looks amazing💕 hugs M.

  • dawn riley says:

    There I was, minding my own business, hanging in the barn with the horses sharing good vibes from the live call with them and Spirit said, “you need to hear this,” I thought I heard my name and was ‘directed’ to go get my phone; and saw and clicked the camera message, and next thing I knew Colette was patiently convincing me that I was on the call. 🙂 Thanks so much for your kindness. And for a message that I really needed to hear. So powerful and amazing. At the beginning of the call I couldn’t stand still, and during the reading I could barely stand up. I am so blessed to be in this group.

  • Great call today, lots of messages. I was jazzed after that chat but crashed hard later in the day. Really emotional week with the moon, planetary alignments, etc. So happy I got to see everyone today! I pulled more cards after the call: Treasure Island (WOTO), The King (WoA) and Bat (Spirit Animal Oracle). I’m loving the continuation of my story in motion! Thank you ladies 🙏🏽

  • Liz Pagano says:

    I tired to listen to the recorded call but got error messages.. Did it Not record??? 😭

  • What a great call! The positive energy is vibrating within me and just what I needed. Thank you!

  • Mary Babcock says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Coffee Talk with Colette is this Sunday, July 21 at 10am Eastern Time. If you have any questions about the lessons this is your opportunity to ask Colette! Submit your question by replying to this comment by 8am Sunday morning so we can get your questions to Colette!
    We look forward to “seeing” you on the call!
    Sharon, Jeanette and Mary Elizabeth!

    • What an amazing call today <3 So many amazing cledons popping up.

    • Mary Elizabeth,
      The live call just ended and i just want to say, congrats to you. I love this forum to keep learning what Oracle School started for me. I will be lifetime member here. Colette and Oracle cards have changed my life. I am honored to be a part of the beta group here at the membership.
      After today, I will also start studying crystals more. I have always carried them, but I really want to be more knowledgeable as with astrology too!!! My learning curve is definitely expanding here in this tribe!!!
      Love you all lots

      • Mary Babcock says:

        Hi Colby!
        Thank you for your lovely words. I love the School so much for the same reasons you shared. Sharon, Jeanette and I are really excited and honored to be the Membership Mavens of this amazing membership circle! Colette really has created a beautiful community for all of us. Blessings to you.
        Mary Elizabeth

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