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Companionship and Guidance for Your Soul’s Journey

Welcome to your online home for spiritual self-care!

In the Oracle Circle™, you’ll discover exclusive Oracle Card content directly from Colette to help you enhance your Oracle Card reading skills, growing your intuition, connecting with Spirit, and using divination as a tool for personal growth.

Your Oracle Circle Membership gives you the sacred space and the tools to evolve on your spiritual journey while you discover your purpose in the world.

Oh, and the best part… you’ll travel alongside a supportive community of like-hearted members!

Join the Oracle Circle
how it works
How it Works:
  • Make a commitment to your spiritual self-care and join now. 
  • Receive emails with the latest inspiring content from Colette and team.
  • Connect with Colette and our exclusive Facebook community, party like an Oracle rockstar with our twice-monthly Live Group Spirit Jams, and dip in and out of the content as you desire!

The Oracle Circle lessons, exercises, and other resources are designed to be inspirational, effective, and concise… perfect for busy people!

practical results

Your Oracle Circle Membership will empower you to:

  • Make better decisions by improving your intuition in easy steps.
  • Connect with Spirit as you learn to use Oracle Cards more effectively.
  • Have an intimate dialogue with the Universe and get answers to your questions (big and small).
  • Remove the obstacles to your success so that your purpose can find you!
  • Raise your vibration as you develop new positive ways of being.
  • Get concrete guidance from the Universe to manifest your most meaningful life.
  • Relax and recharge using the easy-to-follow guided meditations.

Everything in the Oracle Circle is delivered to you in short, bite-sized lessons. No overwhelm here! We’ve designed the membership specifically for busy people like you!

Join the Oracle Circle
What's included

Your Membership Includes

BONUS: We’re going into woo-ville.

You will be in the know for all things WOO including astrological influences and how to use Oracle Cards to navigate them.  

And oh-ya! It’s a lot of fun!

Monthly Content

Each month, you’ll receive new videos – PDF lessons – meditations- and readings from Colette 


  • Full and New Moon Readings: Exclusive readings and Oracle Card spreads not available anywhere else to help you chart your course for the weeks ahead.
    $29 value each ($696 a year)
  • Readings Interpretations: Randomly selected members receive direct guidance from Spirit via Colette
    Priceless… when you hear a message for YOU!

Downloadable PDF Lessons

  • Expanding your skills is simple with these concise how-to guides that help you focus and learn
    $29 value each ($348 a year)
  • Members-only card spreads
    $29 value each ($348 a year)


  • A library of enchanting guided vision journeys made just for you!
    $399 value

Libraries of Membership Content

  • In addition to the new monthly content, you’ll have access to our libraries of how-to materials, mini-lessons, and readings!
    $997 value
  • A library of video lessons on how to use Oracle Cards, develop your intuition, and co-create your best life with the Universe as your partner.
    $497 value

Monthly Spirit Jams with Colette!


Live Monthly Mediumship & Readings with Colette

$97 value each ($2328 a year)

Facebook Community

Build deep and lasting friendships with like-hearted people in our private online community. The group is beautifully managed by our Membership Mavens, Mary Elizabeth, Jeanette and Sharon, who will prompt you with introspective questions to guide you through our monthly themes.

This is the top value… priceless!


Wisdom of the Oracle REVEALED ($49 value)

When you join the Oracle Circle Membership now, you’ll get access to this interactive video training series. Colette will walk you through each of the 52 cards from her top-selling Wisdom of the Oracle Deck! Each 5-minute video shows you how to read intuitively and gives you never-before-revealed information. You’ll get a total of 260 minutes of learning with Colette!

Colette teaches each card’s general meanings as well as meanings when pulled for prosperity, relationships and in protection (a reverse card)!

This training series is yours for FREE for a very limited time and only while you are an active member of the Oracle Circle!

$49 value… yours, FREE!

If all you did was attend one Spirit Jam per month or used one exclusive meditation,
you’d have more than benefitted from your membership…

Now… just imagine if Spirit had a message just for YOU!

Let’s Add All That Up…

  • Video lessons ($497 value)
  • Full and New Moon Reading ($696 value a year)
  • Readings Interpretations (from randomly selected members) (Priceless)
  • How-to PDFs ($348 value a year)
  • Card spreads ($348 value a year)
  • Library of meditations ($399 value)
  • Spirit Jams with Colette ($2328 value a year)
  • Libraries of how-to materials, mini-lessons, and readings ($997 value)
  • Private Facebook Community (Priceless!)

LIMITED TIME BONUS! Wisdom of the Oracle REVEALED ($49 value)


That’s a value of over $5613 a year!

But we want you in here with us, no brainer! 

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See What Our Oracle Circle Members Are Saying…

Maryanne Graham

“You have given us another opportunity to grow and bloom. You have given us a place to be ourselves. Oracle Circle is another loving place to kick our shoes off and connect to true abundance, and magic. The collective positive energy and consciousness within raises us all. I am not the same person that entered the room last Fall. I am much more. I feel wonderful and empowered.”

Jeanne Bundy

“Absolutely love the Oracle Circle, it’s always new and refreshing! Colette’s wisdom shines thru every mini session, I intend on maintaining my membership as long as Collette keeps the circle going, truly inspirational!”

Alannah Macintyre

“I am so impressed with the membership site. Oracle School had so much information to take in and this site allowed me to review what I learned, see different perspectives and I love the new and full moon spreads and insights. Another fabulous thing to love about the whole Oracle School family. Thank you, Colette!”

Join the Oracle Circle

Guidance and Confidence for
Uncertain Times...

The resources in your Oracle Circle Membership will set you on a path towards expanding your awareness and intuition. You’ll learn how to manifest your intentions so that you can live your best life with grace, prosperity, purpose, and meaning!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The Oracle Circle Membership vs. Oracle 101 vs Oracle School?

The Oracle Circle Membership is a month to month community based membership to help you evolve on your spiritual journey with other like-hearted members. 


The Oracle Cards 101 course teaches you how to move through your immediate environment and experience, learning how to recognize where you are, what’s going on and how to navigate the reality that is already there.  It’s not about changing yourself, rather teaching you how to be metaphysically present to conditions and to make choices. 

Oracle Cards 101 is about present moment and short term influence. It’s being empowered and aware of the conditions you’re working with. It’s more immediate.


Oracle School is 2 courses, the first (Personal Mastery) is using oracle cards as a tool for something specific. It’s answering the inward focused question Who do I want to become? It’s all about moving from what’s in front of us to co- creating a new reality, 


diving deep into personal transformation, and self- revelation and healing, and discovering your magic to work with Universal Law and then expanding that in the Shared Wisdom course.

Since I took previous courses on Oracle Cards etc. what is different about this membership?

Thank you for asking! With the Oracle Circle Membership you’ll find weekly Oracle Card content for all things related to readings, intuition, and divination as a tool for growth.


The Oracle Circle Membership is your place to create an ongoing practice of working with Oracle Cards. Your membership in the Oracle Circle will help you evolve on your spiritual journey while you discover your purpose in the world.


And the best part… you journey alongside a fantastic community of like-hearted members!

Do you offer membership payments in Canadian or International funds?

Our company is based in the US, and therefore all courses are priced in US funds.

What is the refund policy?

If you sign up for the Oracle Circle membership and decide you would like to cancel it, you can do so before your next billing cycle and you will not be charged the next month. Email to confirm that you’d like to cancel and your account and access will be cancelled within 24 hours.

What’s included in this membership?

Great question! 

You will receive access to new monthly content and libraries of past content such as Videos, PDF’s, Meditations and Readings from Colette.


You will also get exclusive access to Live Group Calls With Colette and an amazing Facebook Community, beautifully managed by our membership Mavens, Mary Elizabeth, Jeanette, and Sharon. They will prompt you with introspective questions to guide you through our monthly themes. Since we’re all growing together, we build in-depth and lasting friendships with like-hearted people!

How does this membership content get delivered to me?

Once you receive your welcome email containing your login information, you will have access via our Facebook Group and our library of materials located in our online Oracle Circle Membership site.

I don’t have Facebook, can I still join this membership?

Of course! Even though our Facebook Group offers the community portion of this membership, you can access the rest of the membership materials without it! All of the videos, PDFs, meditations and a library of materials will be located in our online Oracle Circle Membership site which you will receive login info for, and announced via email as well!

What do I get as soon as I sign up?

Upon purchasing your membership you will get instant access to the Oracle Circle Membership site along with your welcome email!

Are the live calls recorded?

Great Question! Yes, the live calls are recorded so if you can’t make them live you can view them at your own convenience.

Do I get certified with this membership?

This membership does not include a certification, but it is a membership and community for you to build your education, intuition, and confidence while reading Oracle Cards.

I don’t have a credit card, can I make a payment for this membership site another way?

Unfortunately we are only able to accept payment via a credit card or bank debit card with a credit card attached for this membership program.

I am having trouble registering / purchasing the membership.

We are sorry you are having trouble registering for the Oracle Circle Membership. Our platform is best used on browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, if you are on a mobile device you will want to make sure you have a strong connection to the internet when making the purchase.