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  • Wow my default is to help, this led me into a bad relationship, one that I am still trying to escape but possibly, cause I feel I still have to help him. The lesson is also playing out with my son and I get anxious cause I feel I have to fix his problems… lots to think or rather feel upon. Thank you Doug.

  • (Private) Thank you Doug for your sharing and with the role of the observer. As this is my epiphany today to tell my new story and how to witness what words I am telling myself and how I make my story. Greatly appreciated.

  • (Private) Life changing advice and so meaningful to me. This has taken the load off and given me more space to grow. I do not have to share my story, or have a story to be heard. I am being heard by Spirit. Thank you!

  • Thanks Doug for the information on the way we humans “default” in our thinking to wanting to help and rescue or that we get frustrated and feel confronted. Or all of that. The role of the observer is so hard to stay in. I’m a people pleaser (which might be co dependent as well) and so helping others is my default. I needed this reminder and the insight was invaluable. Keeping myself grounded and observing – not only others – but certainly myself is KEY.

  • Diana Davis says:

    Hi Colette and Doug. I’m from Calimesa, California.

  • Becky Morris says:

    No wonder the Sound of the Sun meditation has impacted me so greatly! I had no idea the story behind its creation. It’s ethereal, moving, and otherworldly…literally! It’s my favorite!

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