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  • I just watched this replay tonight. This call really helped me understand why I’m feeling a bit like a rudderless ship right now. I’m not stuck spinning in circles…I’m growing!! I was so glad to hear Colette talk about that. I will look for himalayan salt blocks too. I also liked how Doug clarified that there are general symbolism meanings but it is important to uncover if there is a personal symbolic meaning. I also really loved hearing how important it is to give yourself more love when you self sabotage because you aren’t being bad…you are scared. Thank you 💖

  • Sue Haag says:

    Just watched the replay-thank you for emphasizing to not FORCE a card to mean something that I want it to be and that the Universe will present the experience to me . This was invaluable to me !

  • Like Ouch…. Souwen

  • It’s pronounced Sowen

  • pink glitter bomb wheeeeeeee!

  • I figured out the way to “cheat” but didn’t do it because I was afraid there was a way to tell I’d done it. I found it hilarious that Collette talked about it in this call😂

  • Working with the cards in this “slow” and present way just made me realize how the cards feel like “medicine” – and it’s like comparing it to taking in too many pills at once – there’s no point in overdosing … in order for the medicine to work perfectly, it’s wise to take in the “right amount” at any given time. Thank you for helping with the right dosage, dear Colette!

  • Tara Kochie says:

    I just watched the replay of the video. I can truly say that my experience this past two weeks has been incredible, challenging and exhausting. I am definitely picking up Himalayan salt blocks. Thank you so much for clarifying more about the Becoming exercise. I did do only one however I was contemplating on doing another to see what has changed. Now I understand clearly. Ty Colette, Doug and Anna.

  • Peggie Cole says:

    Just watched the replay . Thank you so much for all the great information. The parts on the meditation and self sabotage answered some of my questions.. Love you all !

  • I wasn’t able to attend but I watched the replay. Thank you for doing this, I learned a lot from it.

  • Terry HANNAH says:

    I just love all of you. this time around I am learning! its sinking in more than the first time I took this course. I am taking time and savoring this:) Colette..i love your new puppy!! thanks:)

    • I totally agree with you Terry Hannah this is my second time around and it is sinking in a lot more and it is more relaxed. I guess we did learn that perfection takes time LOL.

  • Colette, love what you said about self sabotage and simply recognizing it, realizing that it is founded imn simple fear, and giving yourself the love and reassurance that is what you really need in this circumstance. ♥

  • This is an awesome live call. I love it. Thanks.

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    I was unable to attend video call, so it is so great to be able to watch today. TY, I am learning so many basics.

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