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In this introductory 90 minute call, Colette, Doug and Anna discuss how to use the platform, Oracle School, and then go into Module 1 Lessons

We’ve also included an entire transcript from the call.

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OS 2018 Personal mastery Live Call #1

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  • Doug, I love you and will miss not being able to know you in person.

  • My first time in oracle school I received a stork or my own chaotic version of it I was in griffon house and of course hoping for a griffon . This time I am in whale house and was rescued by a magnificent white and gold griffon I started in a whole new place too before I was in a cage, this time I was in the scene from labrynth where she is n a room full of all of her treasures and it turns into a falling apart dump, I had to let go of everything and choose to fly away from all of those material things.

  • Flor Tavor says:

    I live in Israel and the live calls are around 2 am Israel time so I will only be able to see the videos afterwards. So thanks a lot for your great first live call, it’s as though you are talking to me in my room. Love it. Love Flor

  • Loved this first live call!!! I did the Home Play reading yesterday!!! So introspective!! This course is going to be a game changer for me!

  • Gitte Zorn says:

    The gift that Doug said we should give ourselves was a baby

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