This is where you will find the majority of all the challenges you may be experiencing and suggest you read through these before you reach out to

  • How do I find my Facebook Group

    In the left sidebar menu, almost at the bottom, you’ll see a tab that says a HOUSE name. Your house will be what ever that name says.

    Click on the House name and it will direct you to facebook. If you have not yet joined, then you must ask to join. You will see a button that says join group.

    Note, you must first be logged into your correct facebook account.

    ***IF you are on a mobile or iPad, the sidebar menu is collapsed whe you first enter the platform.

    For iPhone you need to look for the 3 little bars (what is called a hamburger) and click on that to open the menu.

    On an iPad you will see a little purple tab with an arrow in it on the top left of your screen, you must click on that to open the menu.


  • Where can I find my PDF's

    All PDF’s live in the Lessons and Exercises section at the bottom of each module main page.

    You’re required to mark each video complete before you can unlock the Lessons and Exercises section.

    ***NOTE you can skip ahead and mark them complete without watching them, but we prefer you to take in all the information first, before attemping the exercises.

  • Where is the MAIN HALL located?

    The Main Hall is located in the left sidebar menu.

    Returning students will remember we had it on Facebook, but we’ve moved it over to this platform.

    The Main Hall is only used to as your Bulletin Board.

  • Can I do this course on my iPhone/iPad?


    iPad is a great fake computer. So good in fact that it tricks you into thinking it is a computer. IT IS NOT! So don’t think that just because you can do it on your computer, you’re going to be able to do it on an iPad.

    Let’s first look at its virtues. It’s awesome! It allows you to surf the web, stream videos, facetime, text input stuff into a web browser, and do almost anything with a real-time application. But that’s where it ends.

    It’s not designed for data storage, sorting folders, etc… unless apple allow you to. And that means buying an app from them to accomplish those goals.

    So when it comes to downloading pdf’s and mp3’s you need to understand why an iPad challenges you.

    All iPads are Apple’s proprietary software that insists that anything that gets downloaded into it be something it can control.

    So it won’t allow you to download an mp3 unless it comes from iTunes, or you buy an app from them that you can download the mp3 into.

    PDF’s are not meant to be anything but viewable, again… unless you buy an app from them that can manipulate the document like highlighting it.

    For both of those challenges and others like them, google an app for it, and it will give you a lot of solutions.

    You have a lot of apps that will allow you to download mp3’s and create playlists, kind of like making your own app with your favorite songs.

    That’s why we created our own proprietary meditation app, so all of the Personal Mastery meditation MP3’s could be downloaded as an app.

    Manipulating PDF’s once you download them, and also saving them, requires an app. You can easily download one from the app store in both Apple and GooglePlay for non-apple products.


    Ditto to the iPad and throw in – you’re going to have to squint a lot to see stuff.

    When in doubt, google it!

  • Why can't I download an mp3 onto my iPad/iPhone?

    The short answer is… Apple controls everything it wants you to have. It’s not saying you can’t download MP3’s, it’s just saying you can’t do it into their proprietary player.

    If you want to download an MP3, you’re going to have to buy an app from them to download it into. Now you have 2 MP3 players on your iPad/iPhone. Apple’s very easy to operate one, and the app that you need to search for that can’t even compete with the apple version.

    The only real solution is to get to your computer, download it into that, and then plug your Apple device to the computer and do a transfer.

    Then and only then will the mp3 appear in your device.

    When in doubt, google it!

    YAY! Apple, from trendy hipster pirates to corporate monopolization conglomerate pirates.

  • How can I highlight my PDF's

    If you’re on a computer, there are a few programs that will allow you to do it one you download it.

    On mobile devices such as iPads/iPhones.

    Visit your app store, and type in highlight PDFs and you’ll get a slew of them.

    But we would recommend googling it first to find an app that will also allow you to save them as well as manipulate them such as highlighting, etc…

    When in doubt, google it.