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This is a brilliant video with 2 great examples of coherence. When all the metronomes are started, they eventually come together and are in perfect timing.


The caveat is that like the Laws of the Universe, they need to have a little flexibility in order to do so. Notice the give of the surface they are positioned on.


If there is no flexibility in how you wish the Universe to operate on your behalf, you’ll never get into sync with it.

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  • Makes me so curious on which ‘one’ was the primary so that the others synched up to it. If I apply this to my life, the Divine is the one I synch to. 🙂

  • the storm before the calm

  • Helena Bell says:

    To me:
    Unsynchronized = brain chatter
    Synchronized = calm and meditative

  • This reminds of the toy soldiers find me a Christmas theme for the little toy soldiers all things go back and forth

  • Lynn Day says:

    Love that the second metronome in the last row held its own for quite a long time after the others had synchronized. Always a renegade!

  • Alicia Ford says:

    As I listened and observed, all was in sync and there was one vibration ⚕

  • Charles Kent says:

    For someone who has pulled the “Flexible” card 3 times this week, this video really pushes home the importance of being flexible.

  • So inspiring ! Synchronicity born out of chaos ! Everything in this benevolent Universe is meant to come back to balance , so we are when we open up and allow ourselves to be guided to where we’re meant to BE !

  • Wow! amazing! ready to learn how to synch with the universe and get into flow instead of trying to swim up stream as I have so often.

  • Sherry Hash says:

    Wow!! now that was amazing. I know that energy flows in and around all of us but to watch this come into harmony really stood out. I can remember these silver balls that use to sit on my desk at work and I would get stressed and start to play with them and they would click back and forth and before long they were keeping in rhythm with one another and it would fascinate me. Now I understand.

  • I’m I love this video, it confirms to me that when I let go and trust that all is as it should be, it ends up being just the way it should be. In alignment

  • Noelie Day says:

    I was really pulling for the second metronome on the far right to not cave in to the masses. It took her a little longer to get “synchronized.”

  • Erika Valdes says:

    Wow, it just makes sense!

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    Pretty amazing to watch this occur. I can see how it applies to everything in the Universe!

  • Cheryl Leite says:

    Pretty amazing to watch this. I can see how it applies to everything in the Universe!

  • Stacy Ryan says:

    So interesting! Chaos to clarity! What a wonderful metaphor for the power of being in alignment…once the metronomes got INTO alignment/clarity, they couldn’t STOP being in alignment/focused on their chosen path.

  • Pam McKinney says:

    Pretty amazing to watch this happen! 🙂

  • In Awe. It all works together. Great video!

  • All things are interconnected via synchronicity = flexibility. Rigidity puts you outside the flow and away from the connection to Spirit.

  • Trudy Moffat says:

    Very interesting!

  • Paula Gregg says:

    Really shows how we’re all interconnected and affected by our environment, like it or not!

  • Simply brilliant!

  • This gave me the biggest smile! What I call a soul smile. That is so awesome! Love it!

  • NANCI Stone says:

    All in divine timing. Perfection!

  • Be kind to yourself and others. all will come together when we have patience, kindness and understanding. we can’t get the understanding without the patience and kindness.

  • Tawny Key says:

    Go with the flow and eventually you will find your timing!

  • But what about marching to the beat of your own drum? 😉

  • Did anyone else find this disturbing to watch? It certainly has me wondering if this is the chaos and resistance I co create. Thank you Colette!! This is a powerful example!!!

  • Mary Ardam says:

    Wow! This reminded my of my neighbor’s daughter, years ago. She was in high school, and would practice her flag waving in the back yard. She would have friends over, and they all practiced. Over and over, it was beautiful to watch. All together.

  • Wow! pretty amazing.

  • This is amazing. I am able to understand this on a deeper level now. Out of chaos does come order. Beautiful. Thank you!

  • This shows me if you work with and line up with the things in the universe you too will be in sync . Fascinating how the ones out of beat became in sync. They are only inate objects.

  • Oh boy, that demonstrated what I am going through! I have to get to the bottom of my resistance! The point regarding flexibility struck a chord with me!

  • I knew what was up almost immediately, and laughed and smiled through the entire video. It was awesome! I was cheering for those more resistant ones. It felt so good seeing the Universe at work. Thank you so much for the bonus 🙂

  • I could identify with 1 of the metronomes all the way on the right 2nd one in the front that struggled to get in synch for a bit before catching on or catching up. The lesson is don’t struggle just go with the flow and all will fall into synch. Beautiful.

  • evidence we each can make a difference and be an influence

  • Nancy Drope says:

    Love the Little Soldiers in Sync, flexible and Aligned <3

  • I see being flexible is KEY to getting in-sync.

  • Maria Ayyat says:

    Cosmic. Humbling. AMAZEBALLS!

  • Great videos to show flow and synchronicity, I enjoyed watching the bonus video

  • Diana Haney says:

    Perfection, clarity, and mesmerizing.

  • This is so incredible to watch and puts the meaning of synchronicity; alignment and flexibility into a new perspective for me. Thank you Colette!

  • Tammie Kruse says:

    It is amazing how this happens. I was part of a drill team years ago. When we were practicing are drill segments, which was going along great, then a student asked should we not practice marching sequence for in between the drill dance. Teacher you don’t have to practice the march, cause after a few moments you will automatically be together marching. And teacher was right, without even thinking about we were in in synchronicity with each other. It is actually harder to not synchronized.

  • When they all started out going in their own direction, it reminded me of the scattered thoughts in my head (the 16 balls I try to keep in the air simultaneously). As they began to sync, I felt more at peace, I could feel my heat rate slow down, breathing deeper and just being and observing what was happening around, Not attached to any particular thing, just noticing. Much calmer and more grounded/centered.

  • I especially relate to the last line that says if there is no flexibility in how you wish the Universe to operate on your behalf, you’ll never get into sync with it. I pull the flexibility card often. I get it.

  • Great visual to explain the collective consciousness 🙏🙏🙏

  • Fantastic visual – love it!

  • Anita Hale says:

    This is so cool to observe. It reminds me of the 100th monkey syndrome story which reminds us that if the collective consciousness is putting out a certain thought or vibration the message can be delivered over a distance in a relatively short span of time. Beautiful.

  • Amy Troxell says:

    This is confirmation that we are NOT alone. We are all connected – all One. Powerful and Empowering message depicted here. <3

  • Amazing. I saw how scrabbled I was this morning and came to a place of calm

  • Wow! Incredible and fascinating to see how this works!

  • I love this visual

  • Love the visual <3

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