There are special characters and landscapes that help restore us to a state of wholeness and knowing our potential as we navigate our inner magical map

The Bone Collector The Bone Collector is the aspect of nature that ensures that nothing is ever truly lost. Whenever you are betrayed, mistreated, or taken advantage of, you lose something of value. If it’s innocence, trust, dignity, or self-worth, it is yours to reclaim with the Bone Collector’s help.

The Gentle Gardner Twin sister of the Bone Collector and also an aspect of Mother Earth, The Gentle Gardner personifies patience and makes no judgments, sacredly tending to all your intentions, both wanted and unwanted.

The Field of Dreams This is a landscape where we reap what we sow. Here, we can pull the weeds, nurture the flowers, and ask ourselves: “What seeds am I planting?”
Finding and Working with Your Allies

We use specialized Invision® processes to help us discover characters that come to our aid when we need to make new choices, take new action, and reach toward specific goals


Use two different chairs to connect with the different allies you’ve found. This will help you open a dialogue with aspects of the self that fully support you.

Boardroom exercise Call a meeting and give each active energy within you its own unique voice!


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Allies – Who Am I listening To? lesson progress
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