Why The Goblin?

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Why the Goblin?

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  • Diana Davis says:

    OMG! This really hit home for me. I have heard of generation of patterns in families. Now I can see it in my life.

  • Danny Blitz says:

    Holy moly! I am soooo excited about learning this history of the Goblin. I never understood why Gremlin/Goblin was used in coaching, and now I do! I LOVE this recording! Sooooo grateful!

  • Jan Dawson says:

    Listening to the Ancestral Goblin story has brought to mind something I say recently which illustrated how the embryos a woman carries come from her grandmother. Because every woman is born with all the eggs she has in her lifetime. The grandmother carries the seed of her daughter, who carries the seed of the grand daughter. Grandmother- Mother- Grand daughter .Suggesting the patterns are encoded in the DNA also.

  • Hahas and ahas🌻I can sometimes hear the chatter voice telling me to buy it.I am so fortunate and blessed but have seen some of the goblins in my life. I laughed out loud when I heard my own dialogue with my ego-left brain which was trying to get me to repeat the familiar-thanks so much for the valuable info and practices which are slowly being recognized so the change can occur❤️

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