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  • My goblin seems to be “ fear of not being enough”Start probably around age 12-13Different reasons including physical touch by my friends father.

  • Sandy Dixon says:

    Wow! I just reread the pdf of Voice Dialogue. So many sections jumped out at me this time around; especially this one:

    “The “you” of the daydream generally gives us a picture of your disowned self. Your primary self may be calm,
    controlled and rational. The disowned self that emerges in your daydream is an energy that carries the rage, anger, and resentment that is generally kept under control. We found that by listening to people’s daydreams and
    by making them aware that they are having daydreams, they begin to get a picture of a disowned self.”

    I haven’t looked at anger as my Challenger, but after reading this, I’m going back to the HomePlay exercises and experiencing what happens when I embrace this challenger.

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