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Where Am I? lesson progress
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  • It fascinates me that our bodies and minds become RELIEVED when we do this process. I think people can assume if there is a “quicker” process for a healing result then it is lacking. On the contrary, I believe, for the way we respond to the process of these 15 steps provides an unmistakable shift in so many parts and layers of us. Down to our very cells. My word for learning this is Relief.

  • Never look at this way

  • Janie Hanks says:

    I love Get On Your Bird!! When I am feeling stressed and anxious, I listen to the Get On Your Bird music and I have a complete shift in how I feel. Wow!

  • I am seeing how this can work in so many areas of my life. Wonderful!

  • Tara Kochie says:

    I have been using Get on your Bird since the beginning of WOTO. I can tell you that I have experienced a complete shift. Fight, Flight, or Freeze has become .. Where’s my bird?

  • Now I am seeing how this course and the Oersonal Mastery all fits together to use in business. I also recognized some of the language used in the WOTO cards meanings!

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