Top 5 Ways to Fix Corrupt Registry in Windows 10

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This guide will show you how to install java on your Windows. If you are a Microsft Edge user then this fix is not for you because Microsft Edge does not use java as it won’t support plug-ins. If this file is unregistered you will surely get this error message. To get rid of this error message you have to register this file.

Fix: A disk read error occurred Windows 10

After collecting the Event Log data from a Windows system with NXLog, it may need to be sent to another host. This section provides details and examples for configuring this. Event IDs are unique per source but are not globally unique.

  • Hard drive errors are common on your hard drive.
  • FalsewhitelistWhether to index events that match the specified text string.
  • Just follow the below instructions to remove Script error in IE.

In the Internet Options window, open the Advanced tab. Under the Settings section, scroll down to Disable script debugging under Browsing. Scroll down and uncheck the Display a notification about every script error box. Every file that your computer works with, from system files to application files, is stored on your hard disk. Errors will naturally occur when programs and services can’t read files.

Event ID 208 – Intune Server Sync Initiated

After being read from the source, events can be discarded by matching events in an Exec block and discarding them selectively with the drop() procedure. Because the Windows Event Log subsystem does not support subscriptions to the Debug and click here Analytic channels, these types of events can not be collected with the im_msvistalogmodule. EvtQuery() fetches events from a given channel or log file that match a given query—seeQuerying for Events.

It simply redirects the call to a script on “” to LOCALHOST on your PC where, instead of generating an annoying popup, it does nothing. This isn’t really a fix, but happily it works to suppress this particular annoyance. But as explained earlier, this special kind of error will be missing this additional information. You can avoid this by following the instructions above to adjust the script tag and the servers from which the script is served.

If so, then stop here, because the registry backup is useless and you have to find another way to fix the startup problem. (e.g. backup your files and perform a clean Windows installation). If the files listed, are ok, with no zero bytes in file size , then proceed to the next step. Here if you backup your registry files while installing Windows 11, you can restore your registry files anytime to fix broken items.

Sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdXY , where sdXY is your corrupted drive and partition ( eg. sdb1, sdb2, sdc1 ….). Had the problem of irregularly occurring crashes with said error-message, which lately increased. Just like other people the problem to the DISK READ ERROR was due to a faulty SATA cable . I was rather dubious at first but luckily I had a spare one, I replaced it and the trick it did! I am facing same error…..i did every trial what you have mentioned above. ….please help me….i have my thesis file in laptop.

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