The Becoming Spread

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Some people’s heads explode when they attempt this exercise. To anyone who has felt a big or small tweak about this I have some helpful things to consider.

A lot can show up in the Becoming Spread which is why I want you to relax into it and ponder each of the four cards independently. Each question is posed to give you insight about where you’re at and what needs to change to get you into alignment with your intentions and highest good.
Each card is a piece of a puzzle that once a couple of weeks go by, more insight is gained as you slow down enough to allow the wisdom to move through you.
We experience our reality by the stories we tell about ourselves, some of which are hidden deep away from our immediate awareness so give yourself time to reflect on each question and each of the 4 cards until they click.
Healing is a word that can also be misconstrued implying illness, or something wrong. Here the word reflects a level of incoherence when we are not quite in alignment with the true story of our wholeness and perfection. So  I offer the term healing to invite a loving understanding that we have options but we may have spent a long time in an old story and perhaps we’ve been wounded as a result. This exercise enables all of us to reflect on what supports us and what does not.
Love to hear your experience with this exercise. Sending you so much love – remember we are still at the beginning… breathe and know the universe loves you!

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