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Sagittarius Full Moon (Jun 17, 2019) Spread

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      Colette describes the June 17th late degree Sagittarius Full Moon as “Busy, Bold & Big” which was reflected in the four cards she drew for all of us from ‘Spirit Animal Oracle’ –– Koi Fish Spirit (Abundance), Badger Spirit (Fearless & Bold), Pig Spirit (Right use of intellect) and Swan Spirit (Deep Dive).

      What did your Sagittarius Full Moon spread reveal? (Colette’s video questions are below)

      Card 1. What have I learned from the past two weeks when the New Moon cycle started in Gemini?
      Card 2. What do I need to focus on or integrate my most important lesson?
      Card 3. What do I need to learn and/or release in these next week two weeks?
      Card 4: How do I best express what I’ve learned for the highest good?

      We’d love to hear about your “enthusiastic learning” insights, personal shifts or increases in intuition.

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      My moon spread was interesting and kind of gentle approach to these energies. I used The Mystical Shaman cards and my spread was following.
      1. The Heart of the Sky
      2. Water
      3. Flow reversed
      4. The Earthkeeper

      I felt that message to me is that I need to more bring my art and my thought to the public and focus on creating from the space of love in all areas of life. I must observe my emotions and let me feel my emotions, let them flow. I am going forward by letting the flow take me, not control too much myself the direction. And of course, trust my manifestation process! The Earthkeeper is a reminder for me to take care of Mama Earth and my people around me.

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      Wow. That’s lovely Jenni. Thank you for sharing

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