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How to work with the Moon Cycles

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      The New Moon is a time for setting your intentions and the Full Moon is a time of seeing what came to fruition with those new intentions. Have you had any practice working with the cycles of the moon before? What have your experiences included?

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      Great question. Thank you Jeanette. I have used New Moon spreads for several years now, and find they always help me focus on what’s coming up for the New Moon phase and the following 2 weeks. I don’t typically do a Full Moon spread, although I find they can be very helpful for evaluating the intentions set during the New Moon phase. That has now changed!

      I love Colette’s New & Full Moon spreads, and immediately saw a lovely new dimensional depth that facilitates even more focused intention setting for the spread. Including the current Sun and/or Moon Astrological signs as well as transiting planets & influences – and changing the questions to reflect those energies – is Brilliant! And the crystals add even more insight and help, especially since it’s a fairly new area of study for me. Love it!

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