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Cancer New Moon (Jul 2, 2019)

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      Wow. What a wonderful reminder this New Moon in Cancer is quiet and nurturing, so it’s a perfect time to cuddle with loved ones or relax at home with family and friends. This is an especially powerful New Moon since it is also an Eclipse, making intention-setting even more important for all of us. Note: The Moon will join the Sun in Cancer Jul 1 (from 9:24 PM EDT) through late night Jul 3 EDT; and the exact New Moon and Eclipse will occur mid-afternoon on Jul 2 (3:14 PM EDT).

      Using Spirit Animal Oracle Deck, Colette drew cards for all of us. Card: 1 #35 Koala Spirit is about “surrender” and trusting that Spirit has a plan.
      Card 2: #67 Wolf Spirit about actually doing something to implement our knowledge. Card 3: #42 Otter Spirit about playfulness and knowing we’re not alone because Guardian Angels abound. Card 4: #37 Lion Spirit about the Law of Reciprocity and focusing on generosity of Spirit.

      If you haven’t already done your New Moon Spread, below are the questions Colette asked.
      •How do I best nurture myself with this new moon energy?
      •What do I need to do to better serve my self-care?
      •How do I take care of others that I love without losing myself?
      •What do I need to focus on to ensure my intentions this cycle are in my highest good?
      •Here are the questions Collect asked for the New Moon spread.

      How do your spread cards blend with Colette’s?
      What special significance did your spread have with respect to authentically caring for your needs and the needs of your loved ones?

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      Hi Sharon and Colette!

      I love doing these moon cycle spreads! Today I got Dolphin, Spider, Parrot and Otter spirit. My message was to notice duality, acknowledge blessings and light during difficult times; to take steps to make my dreams come true, be clear with my intentions, be creative; to use my words to take care of my loved ones and last show my love freely.

      Dolphin spirits message resonates me the most, I am going through difficult times and this really went deep in me. I know that I should acknowledge more blessings in my life even though outer conditions are intense.

      Colette’s cards blend well with mine! Lots of good guidance to work with this new moon energy!

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        That’s so wonderful to hear (the blending of the cards – not that you’re having a tough time). And I especially love how the dolphin stood out for you. And don’t forget to play and have fun while you’re creating.

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